EVA SDK helps users complete the conceptual verification of edge AI visual application within two weeks of development


Linghua technology EVA SDK is an artificial intelligence edge vision analysis software platform, which supports through NVIDIA tensorrt ™、 Intel openvino ™ The AI model optimized by Microsoft onnx runtime and other tool Suites enables AI developers, AI software companies and internal departments (SI) responsible for system integration to complete AI visual concept verification within two weeks of development.

The EVA SDK software platform has been installed in advance for Linghua technology AI visual products, which makes the development of edge AI visual applications more convenient through intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and ready to use plug-ins, so that users can focus on the training and integration of AI models

EVA SDK adopts a unified API architecture supporting open source plug-ins, including image acquisition and preprocessing, AI reasoning, post-processing and AI analysis. It can help developers at all stages of the AI vision project life cycle.

Shanghai, China – September 8, 2021

Linghua technology, the world’s leading provider of edge computing solutions, launched the edge vision analysis software EVA SDK, which can help users complete the proof of concept (POC) of AI machine vision solutions within two weeks. The EVA SDK includes a codeless graphical user interface (GUI) and supports more than 10 types of cameras and field ready plug-ins, such as onnx runtime and tensorrt ™ Openvino ™ And other tool kits to achieve rapid AI reasoning verification. Linghua technology neon series AI smart camera and EOS series AI vision system have built-in integrated development environment (IDE) of EVA SDK, which is convenient for users to develop AI machine vision projects.

Yang Jiawei, manager of Linghua technology intelligent vision business center, said: “EVA SDK is a unified API architecture. Users can build edge AI visual applications with low coding workload. Even if users do not have AI expertise or deep understanding, they can develop edge AI concept verification through drag and drop GUI, ready to use plug-ins and reference code, so as to speed up deployment and time to market.”

Advantages of EVA SDK, edge visual analysis software of Linghua Technology:

  • Developers do not need to learn the camera API, and there are more than 10 cameras available
  • Simplify integration through drag and drop GUI, easily switch image source, image processing adjustment and AI model, and shorten user development time
  • Support the step-by-step review function from image acquisition, image preprocessing to AI reasoning, so that users can easily verify and debug when necessary, and shorten the deployment time
  • The open source plug-in verified by Linghua technology ensures the quality of edge AI vision solutions
  • Help users realize flexible and optimized configuration and improve cost efficiency

Although many business areas benefit from AI, the development of AI applications often requires in-depth knowledge and skills. Using Linghua technology EVA SDK, developers can quickly build Ai visual applications without AI expertise. At present, the application scope of EVA SDK includes AI security protection, SOP compliance behavior analysis, target detection and target classification, which are common tasks for intelligent factories, including semiconductor, electronic products, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

Linghua technology now provides a new and fast AI POC kit for AI concept verification, including the necessary accessories of the integrated neon AI smart camera and EVA SDK, so as to help customers greatly shorten the integration time of hardware and software, and reduce the development time and workload of AI visual verification concept. The EVA SDK will release more reference codes in the future to support more edge AI applications.

Linghua technology has 25 years of experience in the field of machine vision, specializes in industrial AI vision, and continues to provide manufacturers with application-oriented and development ready AI models. EVA SDK and other leading edge solutions of Linghua technology can help equipment manufacturers improve their computing power.

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