SiGe’s linear 2.4GHz power amplifier se2522l combines SiGe structure with power control circuit to reduce the power consumption of 802.11b WLAN system by half.

Linear 2.4GHz power amplifier se2522l can reduce half power consumption of WLAN system

Se2522l is designed to drive laptops, computer peripherals, mobile phones and other portable computing devices with 802.11b function. Based on se2520l, the amplifier adopts the same structure, and power detection is added to improve its performance. It is easier to design WLAN system with CMOS wireless devices.

CMOS wireless devices meet the requirements of low cost and high integration, and have various power outputs, which can affect the stability of WLAN transmission. The se2522l of SiGe semiconductor company has integrated a power detector to ensure the stability of the output power. Therefore, there is no special circuit to correct its stability.

The linear output power of se2522l is up to 20dbm, and the adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) is less than – 20dbm per 100kHz. This efficiency is controlled by SiGe technology and linear analog voltage of 0.1-1.6v. Se2522l guarantees stable performance and high signal integrity within the specified range, even in the congested 2.4GHz band without license.

Different from other devices, se2522l can meet this performance with lower power consumption. The typical current consumption is 110mA, which is half of the competitive products. The device works in 3.3V single power supply.

Se2552l package is 8-pin LPCC, flip chip package is also available.

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