On September 8, Xinhuazhang announced that Lin Yangchun (YTLin) will join Xinhuazhang on August 31, 2020 as the vice president of R&D of Xinhuazhang Technology.

It is reported that Lin Yangchun will lead the R&D team to conduct in-depth research on the comprehensive technology and optimization algorithm of large-scale chip verification products, focus on verifying the software architecture design in the field of EDA, and carry out algorithm innovation combining EDA and machine learning technology. At the same time, he will also focus on software security, ensuring the stability of EDA products in use and improving their ease of use.

It is understood that Lin Yangchun has more than 30 years of profound attainments in the field of EDA, and has rich experience in software architecture design, algorithm innovation, engineering team formation and management, and customer cooperation. He led the team to create a series of EDA products in Cadence and Synopsys, using new data structures and algorithms to improve the development efficiency of large-scale chips, bringing epoch-making changes to EDA technology, and is an outstanding contributor to the development of the industry.

In addition to his achievements in the field of EDA digitization, Lin Yangchun has extremely in-depth research in the field of machine learning and is committed to the intelligence of EDA. When he was VP of R&D at Synopsys, he introduced machine learning technology to optimize the debuggability of Verdi and greatly improve the multi-threading performance of VCS. YT has always been committed to the exploration of technical fields, and has led the team to obtain as many as 115 patents, helping global IC design companies to solve technical problems and improving innovation capabilities for customers.

Lin Yangchun said: "I always believe that the development of EDA technology in the future must be integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning. I am honored to join Xinhuazhang and work with a group of teams with the same enthusiasm for technology. The accumulation of experience and experience endows the actual R&D work, creating new, future-oriented EDA products and systems, and further improving the efficiency of integrated circuit design."

Wang Libin, founder, chairman and CEO of Xinhuazhang, said: "Recently, two world-class experts in the field of EDA research and development have joined Xinhuazhang, which once again verified that the technology path chosen by Xinhuazhang is a breakthrough in EDA technology. YT has been cultivating EDA technology for more than 30 years, and has a deep understanding of machine learning technology and an exploratory spirit of excellence.

It is believed that his strong joining will further promote the product development of Xinhuazhang, and accelerate our integration and innovation in the field of EDA and machine learning.

In addition, YT has rich experience in cultivating R&D talents, which will also help Xinhuazhang build a complete talent echelon, promote the accelerated growth of the R&D team, and define the future of wisdom from the core. "

"Xinhuazhang" means opening a gorgeous chapter in the chip industry. It was founded in March 2020 by an aspiring EDA (Electronic Design Automation) elite founding team, dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and technical services of EDA intelligent software and systems , to help the development of integrated circuits, 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud services and supercomputing, and to provide partners with self-developed, safe and reliable solutions and services.

On August 31, Xinhuazhang Technology announced that starting from September this year, it will gradually launch three commercial-level open source EDA verification products based on classic verification methodologies and technologies.

It is reported that Xinhuazhang will also provide professional technical support in terms of ease of use, practicability and stability, and will also build an open source ecological community with openness and collaboration, in order to accelerate the innovation of EDA and lower its use threshold, in order to accelerate the improvement of China Improve the innovation efficiency of integrated circuits at the same time as the EDA industry chain.

The industry's first open source product launched by Xinhuazhang is a verification simulation tool. It has the fastest dynamic simulation speed in the industry among EDA open source products, can achieve at least 2 times performance improvement, and has great software quality and debugging capabilities. With the improvement of the Verilog language, the support for the Verilog language is more comprehensive, thereby improving the verification efficiency of the chip design.

This product will be officially launched in the EDA open source ecological community in mid-September, providing a real improvement in R&D efficiency for Chinese chip design companies.

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