Shenzhen Lihe Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 688589, hereinafter referred to as Lihe Microelectronics), the world’s leading original manufacturer of Internet of things chips, recently successfully held a special PLC IOT Technology Forum in Shenzhen.

The conference was hosted by Lihe microelectronics and supported by Shenzhen semiconductor industry association and the Internet of things communication technology R & D center of Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen. The theme of the forum was PLC IOT: smart IOT “one-line communication”. It attracted people from home appliances, home, lighting and other fields: a.o. Smith, Zhilian ICT, Guoren communication, vantage, Wanjiale, Wanhe and Lenovo, Xinghe holdings, technical R & D and enterprise leaders of leading manufacturers and solution providers such as smartlife yunqi, Ou Zhitong, xinnuofei, OSRAM, Zhouming, kestar, Rex, ocean king, LVMI, omnicloud, Guangzhou Yichuang, tomato lighting and Ruili technology attended the meeting to jointly discuss the innovative development and application of PLC in the field of IOT.

Figure 1: Dr. Kun Liu, CEO of Lihe Microelectronics

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Kun Liu, founder and CEO of Lihe microelectronics, and the core technology team thoroughly explained the global PLC technology, chip, standard pattern and plbus PLC technology, chip and application scheme in this forum.

Demand driven, joint promotion

Based on the evolution of global PLC technology and the experience of Lihe microelectronics company in the whole process of domestic power line communication technology, Dr. Liu Kun pointed out: “PLC technology is not only demand driven, but also needs to be promoted together. Since 2007, it has promoted PLC. Relying on the drive of the market, the participation of enterprises and the support and investment of the state, it has formed a large-scale application and built the world’s largest smart grid application based on PLC. With the drive of the market, the technology has been upgraded iteratively, and the deepening application of narrow-band development to high-speed PLC is successful and typical Internet of things application cases. “

Figure 2: Dr. Kun Liu sharing the scene

Various communication technologies were born under the background of different application requirements. With the development of the Internet of things and the continuous improvement of intelligent application requirements, intelligent devices and application scenarios show linkage, diversity, variability and immediacy. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a “good” communication technology to ensure “reliable connection” between m2ms.

Lihe microelectronics has been devoted to the research and development of power line communication technology and chips for nearly 20 years. It has successively drafted two Chinese national standards for power line communication: GB / t31983.31-2017 low voltage narrowband power line communication part 31: Specification for physical layer of narrowband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing power line communication and GB / t40779-2021 power line communication protocol applied to urban street lamp connection, and participated in HPLC Q / gdw11612-2018 technical specification for low voltage power line high speed carrier interconnection, state grid enterprise standard, ieee1901.1-2018 technical standard for medium frequency (less than 12Mhz) power line carrier communication for smart grid applications Lihe micro PLC technology and chip have been widely used in various Internet of things applications such as smart grid, smart street lamp, smart home, smart lighting, rail transit, energy management and so on.

Adhering to the concept of “openness and win-win cooperation”, Lihe microelectronics provides power line based communication interfaces and chips for a wide range of Internet of things intelligent devices. The company will also continue to strengthen the research and development of core chip technology, promote the establishment of open standards, and work with industry partners to promote the development of the industry.

Plbus PLC technology, chip and scheme

Plbus PLC is a set of high-performance power line bus communication technology and protocol suitable for domestic power line environment, including physical layer, data link layer supporting mesh networking, and application support layer (APS) providing adaptation for various IOT applications.

– plbus PLC positioning is applied in the open short-distance power supply range of tens of meters or hundreds of meters. Based on mesh network, it realizes peer-to-peer communication between nodes. It is a power line communication technology protocol for instant communication with the technical characteristics of small data packet and low delay.

– plbus PLC technology is divided into narrowband (below 500KHz) carrier plbus.nb PLC and high-speed carrier (below 12Mhz) plbus. H PLC. The narrowband physical layer complies with China’s national standard for narrowband OFDM of low-voltage power line communication GB / t31983.31-2017, and the broadband physical layer complies with the technical standard for power line carrier wave communication (below 12Mhz) ieee1901.1-2018.

Figure 4: Zhu Yong, technical director of Lihe Microelectronics

Zhu Yong, technical director of Lihe microelectronics, from a technical point of view, comprehensively analyzed the dry goods sharing of plbus PLC technology bottom protocol, network model and mesh networking from the physical layer, data link layer and application support layer. At the same time, he introduced Lihe microelectronics plbus PLC series chips and the complete service support system provided by the company from development, testing and production.

Plbus PLC technology enables the Internet of things

With the continuous deepening of the new infrastructure of the national Internet of things, digitization and intellectualization have become the future development direction of various industries. From power, transportation, smart city, comprehensive energy management, smart home, smart lighting, smart park to industrial Internet of things, PLC IOT technology enables the intellectualization of massive terminals, and fundamentally solves the “last mile” communication problem of the Internet of things, It brings great value to the development of the whole industry.

Figure 5: peak of vice president of Lihe Microelectronics

From the perspective of market, Gao Feng, vice president of Lihe microelectronics, shared the value brought by plbus PLC technology to customers and enabled the application of Internet of things. Gaofeng pointed out: “As the world’s leading original manufacturer of IOT communication chips, Lihe microelectronics has been deeply engaged in PLC technology for 20 years, enabling the products of solution companies, system integrators and end customers in the field of IOT. There are many successful cases of head customers and solution companies. Lihe Microelectronics will continue to provide underlying chip technology support for innovative applications in the field of IOT, enabling the Internet of things and enabling customers Customers and products, and create the future of the industry with industry partners. “

Leaders in the Internet of things segment and IDH enterprises share practical application cases of plbus PLC

Application case of plbus PLC technology 1: ai-link smart home

Yang Dong, AI link project director of AOSMITH (China) water heater Co., Ltd., made a theme sharing at this forum: “Application of plbus PLC technology in AI link smart home”. In the practical application case of AI link full connection and full control, based on the characteristics of plbus PLC not blocked by walls and instant communication, a four storey villa with more than 1000 square meters and hundreds of nodes can be installed at one time, Achieve customer acceptance standards and recognized successful cases of intelligent control of household appliances in the whole house.

Figure 6: Yang Dong, AI link project director of AOSMITH

Application case 2 of plbus PLC technology: smart street lamp

Cha Lijun, general manager of Xiamen Zhilian ICT Internet of things Technology Co., Ltd., shared the theme: “PLC technology is applied to smart street lamp Internet of things to accelerate carbon peak and carbon neutralization”. Cha shared nearly one million large-scale application cases of smart street lamp based on plbus PLC technology. The online rate of plbus PLC lamp controller has increased by nearly 5 percentage points compared with the original technical scheme, The overall online rate has reached more than 99%.

Figure 7: Cha Lijun, general manager of Zhilian ICT

Application case 3 of plbus PLC technology: intelligent lighting power supply scheme

Wang Haiqiang, general manager of Guangzhou Yichuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., shared the plbus PLC intelligent lighting power supply scheme, organically combined plbus PLC power line communication technology with power supply technology, and developed an integrated LED lamp driving power supply embedded in plbus PLC chip. General manager Wang shared the development experience and testing experience of PLC intelligent lighting scheme with the guests at the meeting.

Figure 8: Wang Haiqiang, general manager of Guangzhou Yichuang

Application case 4 of plbus PLC technology: classroom lighting

Zhu Lijuan, CEO of tomato lighting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., shared the theme “plbus PLC module helps create a new generation of classroom intelligent lighting environment”. The classroom lighting scheme based on plbus PLC technology has the advantages of reliable connection and free from signal shield interference in classroom lighting application. It has been accepted by many school teachers and students. At present, it has been implemented and promoted on a large scale in Guangxi, Yunnan and other places.

Figure 9: Zhu Lijuan, CEO of tomato lighting

This forum comprehensively expounds the application and solution ability of PLC technology in various Internet of things scenarios from the perspectives of PLC industry technology, standards, chips, design schemes, market trends and application cases. At the same time, it is also a technology sharing storm meeting with pure technology, accurate focus scheme, scenery and highlights. Lihe microelectronics is willing to work with industry partners to jointly promote the innovation and development of PLC IOT technology!

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