With the acceleration of economic and social digital transformation and intelligent upgrading, the Internet of things has become an important part of new infrastructure. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other eight departments jointly issued the three-year action plan for the construction of new infrastructure of the Internet of things (2021-2023) (hereinafter referred to as the action plan), which clearly pointed out that by the end of 2023, the number of Internet of things connections in major cities in China will exceed 2 billion. The action plan puts forward four action tasks, including carrying out industrial ecological cultivation and promoting the expansion of application scale, which will focus on the cultivation of chip and whole industry chain applications in subdivided industries.

As the world’s leading Internet of things communication chip enterprise, Lihe Microelectronics will hold the first technical forum of “PLC IOT: intelligent Internet of things’ front-line communication” in Shenzhen on October 20 to fully solve the mystery of “PLC technology, chip, standard and scheme, enabling Internet of things scene application”. At that time, the chip experts and core technology team of Lihe microelectronics who have been deeply engaged in PLC technology research and development for more than 20 years will bring the latest insights and opinions of power line communication technology, discuss the important role and advantages of PLC IOT in the connection of everything with end customers and solution companies, and develop its scene application.

Highlights of the technology feast

Highlight 1: the world’s leading PLC IOT chip experts deeply interpret the evolution and trend of PLC technology at home and abroad

PLC power line communication technology has developed from international to domestic for decades. In recent years, PLC power line communication technology has realized large-scale application in China, and the technology has reached the international leading level. What is the development process of global PLC technology and the future pattern and trend? Please look forward to senior chip experts to give you in-depth interpretation and bring you deeper insights!

Highlight 2: Unlock plbus PLC technology and standards to provide more reliable communication connection for enterprises

With the diversified needs of Internet of things application scenarios, more reliable and stable communication connections are the focus of enterprises. At the forum, technical experts will analyze layer by layer from the bottom technology of communication connection to the application layer, interpret plbus PLC technology, chip, standard and scheme in detail, provide enterprises with more reliable communication connection mode, and let you enjoy the technical food!

Highlight 3: share the market prospect of plbus PLC Application

Plbus PLC is based on the research and development of power line communication technology of Lihe microelectronics in recent 20 years, and the design and development of digital analog hybrid VLSI. It provides a unified communication interface solution based on power line for intelligent devices in the fields of whole house intelligent control, intelligent lighting, energy management, smart city, industrial IOT, etc. Please look forward to the sharing of experts.

Highlight 4: well known manufacturers and solution providers in subdivided fields come to the site to share application solutions

In realizing the interconnection of intelligent devices of the Internet of things, what kind of connection problems do you have and how to import and realize the intelligent Internet of things? On the day of the technical forum, well-known manufacturers and solution providers such as whole house intelligent control, intelligent lighting and smart city street lighting will come to the scene to share the wonderful practice cases of plbus PLC in various fields.

R & D personnel and enterprise managers engaged in the field of IOT are welcome to sign up and participate. Let’s jointly promote the innovative development of PLC IOT application and let you thoroughly understand PLC IOT. Please scan the code for registration and look forward to your presence!


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