With the support of the new energy policy and the national "dual carbon" strategic goal, solar photovoltaic energy has developed rapidly, and the globalization strategy has been continuously upgraded. Based on the principle of win-win cooperation and promoting the healthy development of the industry, the 2022 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo set sail.

Lierda and ST STMicroelectronics jointly participated in the exhibition, and various components and communication solutions attracted many buyers at home and abroad to stop and exchange.

This time, Lierda brought a variety of photovoltaic scene components and wireless communication solutions to the booth C645 of the exhibition hall.

Lierda empowers the photovoltaic industry with IoT technology, and its significant advantage over traditional companies is that it has comprehensive communication methods. Among the exhibits, Lierda's self-developed Wi-SUN, Bluetooth, Cat.1, LoRa and LoRaWAN modules have strong performance and can be widely used in inverter networking, cleaning robots, and household inverters. devices and other products.

According to the technicians who participated in the exhibition, Lierda has a rich selection of devices. In addition to photovoltaic inverters, optimizers, energy storage, tracking brackets and other system units, Lierda also provides MCUs, power devices, power supplies, capacitors, communications, and isolation. Various types of components such as interface, isolated drive, isolated sampling, and discrete devices are also equipped with high-quality support services in power carrier, current sampling, arc detection, Cat.M, etc., allowing customers to enjoy "one-stop shopping" convenient experience.

In conjunction with the physical display of the LoRa ad hoc network, Lierda technical experts vividly and intuitively explained the ad hoc network monitoring solution based on the LoRa Firefly series modules. The stability of intelligent operation of photovoltaic products. It also has the characteristics of high concurrency, can be automatically deployed with one key, and supports data access of massive devices to the network.

In addition, industry solutions such as inverter networking, on-board wide-temperature Bluetooth, household inverters and photovoltaic tracking bracket control systems developed by star modules such as Lierda Wi-SUN, LoRa, Cat.1, etc. The solution also attracted the attention of a large number of participants, and can be widely applied to various photovoltaic market segments to meet the needs of customers in different photovoltaic scenarios.

In this exhibition, the industry solutions based on ST photovoltaic inverters exhibited by Lierda are also very popular.

In recent years, ST has actively participated in the research and development of power and energy conversion technologies, especially various renewable energy technologies, by introducing new power semiconductor materials (SiC and GaN) and continuous innovation of traditional materials (silicon). This photovoltaic inverter is the "blockbuster" of this year. It has a 650V/1200V trench field stop IGBT, with excellent performance and power density. As a silicon carbide MOSFET product, it uses silicon carbide diode technology to achieve high voltage High-frequency and high-efficiency application technology innovation and breakthrough. Based on this, Lierda develops photovoltaic inverter solutions to help customers in the photovoltaic industry effectively improve power conversion efficiency.

In order to better meet the application needs of photovoltaic new energy products, Lierda has added intelligent production lines in its own high-tech factories, effectively improving product quality and production efficiency, and making delivery more timely. At the same time, it will join hands with leading company ST STMicroelectronics to increase investment in research and development, maximize the supporting role of photovoltaic power sources on the power grid, and improve energy economic benefits.

Born from the light and empowered by the potential, the holding of this World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo has opened an efficient window for my country's photovoltaic industry to successfully communicate with the world, and has established authoritative, efficient and convenient exchanges and cooperation for global solar photovoltaic industry chain merchants The exhibition and trade business service platform will comprehensively promote the healthy and stable development of my country's photovoltaic industry. In the future, Lierda will continue to actively respond to the national carbon peaking goal, join hands with ST to promote the integration of industry resources and complement each other's advantages, strive to develop a new photovoltaic energy track, and promote cooperation with high-quality customers in the photovoltaic industry.

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