From smart grid to wide area and large-scale Internet of things, the wi sun seminar was held by six member companies, including wi Sun Alliance and smartcore

Hangzhou – May 28, 2021 – the “2021 meter industry annual conference” sponsored by universal meter was held in Zhuhai on May 26. Lianxintong Semiconductor Co., Ltd. joined wi Sun Alliance, silicon labs, arm Pelion, lierda IOT technology, Lihe information technology and other member enterprises of wi sun with its own IOT Technology Co., Ltd, At the conference, we jointly held a “wi sun Symposium on the new ecology of the Internet of things” to discuss the development of wi sun Technology in the field of intelligent meters and other public utilities through technical verification and practical application cases.

Wi sun is a member of lpwan low-power wide area network, which attracts the attention of the industry in recent years. Its technical advantages are widely used in the field of smart meters and smart grid. Wi sun alliance chooses to hold the first domestic entity wi sun symposium at the “2021 annual conference of metering industry”, which is regarded as its starting point from smart grid to wide area large-scale Internet of things. Five member companies jointly participated in the exhibition in the name of wi Sun Alliance, displaying a variety of products certified by wi sun fan, including chips, modules, smart meters, and Internet of things platform, showing that the wi Sun Alliance has a complete ecosystem.

Yang Li, vice president of semiconductor marketing of lianxintong, delivered a special lecture on “wi sun low power IOT chip solution” at the seminar, explaining in detail the advantages of wi Sun Alliance and wi sun network application, application scenarios and cases of wi sun IOT, as well as wi sun dual-mode and g3-plc dual-mode products.

Yang Li pointed out that there are two main features of wi sun technology. One is mesh network, which enables wi sun to carry out long-distance transmission and has the functions of automatic networking and automatic repair; The second is active random number frequency hopping (arfh). Because wi sun uses sub GHz frequency band, it is generally subject to more noise interference in this frequency band. However, because wi sun has arfh mechanism, it can make its signal actively select other clean frequency bands for information transmission when it is interfered by noise, which can effectively reduce the networking time.

Yang Li said that the wi sun chip vc7300 of lianxintong has about 20 minutes of 6-level frequency hopping networking and only 10 minutes of single-level networking under the networking scale of 1000 nodes. It has visual network topology, easy cloud management and enterprise level information security protection. At present, the application of vc7300 in the client has realized the mesh network with more than 3000 nodes. It not only has the mesh network function, but also can transmit through the basement and metal obstacles. It has the advantages of IPv6, two-way communication, remote upgrade and so on.

Driven by the 5g wave, the demand for various Internet of things applications has increased significantly. Lianxintong has successively established successful application cases in the fields of smart meters, smart street lamps, photovoltaic power plants, intelligent low-voltage distribution cabinets, etc.

Yang Li finally mentioned that at present, many IOT communication networks still adopt the traditional star network architecture, which can not take into account the distance and speed. In order to meet the more diversified IOT application needs, lianxintong further launched the RF + PLC dual-mode scheme, which can effectively integrate the wireless transmission and power line communication technology, and solve the problem of traditional long-distance transmission and speed, Optimize the application experience.

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