Following the recall of OLED TV due to overheating problem, LG’s OLED TV has been exposed to quality problems. This time, problems will occur when the OLED TV’s variable refresh rate is lower than 120Hz.

According to it home, LG admits that problems, such as flickering or instability in the dark area, may occur when its OLED TV is below the variable refresh rate (VRR) of 120Hz, which may affect users using next-generation hosts.

When the refresh rate is less than 120Hz, VRR will lead to the inconsistency between the gamma curve of OLED TV and the refresh rate. For example, a 40 Hz frame rate is longer than a 120 Hz frame rate. Therefore, low frame rate will lead to overcharge of pixels, resulting in flicker of dark gray image, which is obvious for dark image rather than bright image, because human eyes are more sensitive to low gray color. LGD may solve this problem by establishing multiple gamma curves optimized for lower frame rates.

LG's OLED TV has been exposed quality problems

LG said it will try to solve the VRR problem by “building multiple gamma curves” to reduce the refresh rate, but it is unlikely to solve it in the form of firmware, and there seems to be no good solution at present.

In addition to the above problems, LG has been involved in two recalls this year. In July, LG launched a recall plan for OLED TVs in South Korea. In September, the website of the State Administration of market supervision and administration released the announcement that Lejin Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. recalled OLED TV sets. The announcement said that from now on, a total of 13 models of LG brand OLED TVs manufactured from May 2016 to September 2019 were recalled, involving 9434 sets. The consumer market spread from South Korea to China.

It is understood that the recalled OLED TV is due to the quality problem of the capacitor (x-cap) used to eliminate the interference of impurities in the input power supply, which causes the current in the power board to increase, thus causing overheating. Under special circumstances, the back panel of TV set may be blackened or melted locally. For OLED TVs within the scope of recall, Lejin Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. will carry out defective product recall, safety technology improvement, improve product safety level, and repair them free of charge to eliminate potential safety hazards.

Industry insiders said that both the OLED TV and the whole color TV business of LG Electronics have long been marginalized in the Chinese market, and the impact of these events on it is relatively limited. But what the outside world is most worried about is that it is likely to “affect” the trend of OLED TV in the whole Chinese market, including the sales of related products of Skyworth, Xiaomi, sharp, Philips and other enterprises. After all, the “panels” of OLED TVs on the market are all made by LGD, and the problem of LG’s OLED TVs is a drag on the reputation and trust of the whole industry.

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