The current display, in terms of form, is nothing more than a straight screen and a curved screen, which have their own advantages and disadvantages for content display.

May be to let users take into account the needs of "everything", LG announced its first deformable 48-inch display product.

The so-called deformable means that when watching movies and watching TV programs, it can remain in a straight screen state, but if you want to play games and enhance the immersion effect, the display can be "bent" with one click, and the curvature radius can reach 1000R.

In order to enhance the immersion of the game, the display also supports the screen sound, the principle is realized through the 0.6mm exciter buried under the panel.

Other parameters include, OLED panel, 40~120Hz variable refresh rate, 0.1ms response time, etc.

It is reported that this product will be demonstrated at the CS 2021 exhibition and announced more specifications.

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