According to 9to5mac, citing supply chain sources, lgdisplay has stopped producing LCD screens for the iPhone and may not do so in the future. In addition, lgdisplay said it might stop producing its own smartphones.

Lgdisplay’s previous factory that makes LCD panels for iPhones will be re used to produce automotive display panels, the report said. In the third quarter of last year, LG display’s AP3 line in turtle tail, South Korea, stopped producing iPhone LCD panels. In the fourth quarter, the production line also stopped producing display panels for other mobile phone manufacturers.

LG has stopped the production line of LCD screen for iPhone

LG is the current market leader in 9-inch or larger automotive displays. For lgdisplay, the profitability of the LCD line for iPhone has been low. At the same time, with the takeover of Japan display and sharp, Apple will not lack LCD suppliers.

Apple’s new iPhone models released in the fall of 2020 all use OLED panels, making the iPhone se the last apple phone with LCD panel. At present, most of the OLED panels for iPhone 12 are supplied by Samsung, followed by LG display. BOE repeatedly failed to pass the apple certification last year, and finally passed the certification at the end of December last year. BOE will join the supply of iPhone 12 OLED panels in 2021.

In addition, it was reported yesterday that the mobile division of LG Electronics has suffered losses for many years in a row, and the company is studying various schemes including the sale of its mobile business.

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