LG Electronics has just demonstrated some new display technologies at Infocomm 2020. At the meeting held from June 16 to 18, South Korean technology giant revealed the new LG led cinema display and transparent OLED touch display.

LG Electronics shows new OLED display technology, transparent OLED touch screen light transmittance reaches 38%

LG led cinema display uses high brightness LED modules for cinema screens in theaters. It is said that compared with digital projectors, the technology can provide a more uniform film screen and is not easy to distort. The company has provided the large display for showtime cinema, a cinema in Taiwan.

In addition, LG has launched its new transparent OLED touch screen, which has a light transmittance of 38%. Its possible applications have been targeted at commercial fields such as airports, museums and even stores. It’s worth noting that multiple such transparent displays can be installed side by side, and top golf stores already use the technology.

These two new display technologies are widely used. In the future, we may even see such smart phones with transparent display screens, stores with interactive windows and so on. The fact that these displays have been introduced in some areas suggests that they are ready to branch out to other areas as well.

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