On February 16, LG announced 2021 global smart TV product lines on its official website, including OLED, qnedminiled and nanocell panel options. In order to meet the different needs of customers, the starting size of the new product is 43 inches, and the maximum optional size is 88 inches.

Among the new products of OLED smart TV, the cost-effective A1 / B1 series, the C1 series with panel sizes from 48 to 83 inches, and the Z1 and G1 series with medium and high end are included.

LG pointed out that the G1 series uses a new oledevo technology, which can bring better luminosity to enhance brightness and bring realistic images.

Qnedmini LED TV can provide qned99 / qned95 models with 8K resolution and qned90 / qned85 models with 4K resolution.

The series of smart TVs adopt quantum dot nanocell technology, which can further improve the image quality (deeper black and brighter colors).

Nanocell 8K series provides two models of nano99 / nano95, and 4K version has four models of nano90 / nano85 / nano80 / nano77 / nano75.

In terms of software, LG pre installed webos6.0, which was released in January this year, for 2021 smart TV. Supplemented by the latest alpha9gen4ai, it can improve the expansion performance with the help of deep learning, and has a special picture optimization function for video games.

In terms of audio, each model also supports enhanced audio return channel (earc) and automatic low latency mode (allm) based on hdmi2.1 to bring seamless game experience and no delay viewing effect.

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