When talking about AI, many people will think of the considerate and considerate service that intelligent housekeeper brings to the host in the movie. However, if the powerful artificial intelligence is limited to the identity of housekeeper, it will be overkill.

What role does artificial intelligence play around the world today? Let’s have a look.

Japan: financial transactions

Let's take a look: what role does artificial intelligence play around the world?

At the end of last month, a Japanese company announced that it would build a trading platform with its newly acquired $1 million investment. The trading platform adopts deep learning technology, which can analyze the foreign exchange trading icon in the archive, so as to help users make more accurate transactions. At present, in addition to Japan, Israel and Europe have also begun to conduct research on financial transactions through artificial intelligence.

Australia: analyzing the dynamics of the universe

Let's take a look: what role does artificial intelligence play around the world?

While Japan is letting AI learn financial trading rules, Australian National University researchers are letting AI learn how to analyze the dynamics of the universe. Thanks to the powerful data processing ability of artificial intelligence, it can interpret all kinds of spectral signals more quickly and make the work of astronomers more efficient.

The United States and Canada: developing cancer treatment programs

According to IBM announcement, 14 cancer treatment institutions in the United States and Canada have introduced Watson computer system. Oncologists upload DNA fingerprints from cancer patients’ tumors to the Watson system. Artificial intelligence can search for the best treatment in a powerful database, and the whole process only takes a few minutes.

Malaysia: surveillance of prisoners

A police station in Malaysia started using artificial intelligence systems this month to monitor whether prisoners are involved in fighting or escaping from prison. Through the video analysis technology, the system can analyze the meaning of the prisoner’s gesture, posture and behavior in the video, so as to determine whether the prisoner has deliberately disturbed the situation, and send an alarm to the relevant departments according to the situation.

In addition, artificial intelligence can be widely used in unmanned vehicles, aerospace, information processing, storage and management and other fields. I believe that in the near future, artificial intelligence will make human life more convenient.

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