I often see popular science lists such as “CPU inventory with core display”. Do you guys have a little understanding of this concept? For novice Xiaobai, understanding what a nuclear display is is very helpful for purchasing a notebook or DIY installation.

In today’s article, I will tell you what is a CPU with a core display!

In order to meet market demand, the CPUs produced by Intel and AMD are divided into two versions with core display and without core display. Processors with or without a nuclear display are basically similar in performance, the biggest difference is:The CPU with nuclear display can provide the display core by the processor!

a CPUBuilt-in nuclear displayWhen the CPU is installed on the host computer, it can directly display the picture normally, and there is no need to insert an independent graphics card to complete the image output program. and ifwithout nuclear displayCPU, you need to configure an independent graphics card to display the picture, I believe brothers are familiar with this point.

Do you feel amazing after listening to it? A CPU can actually image itself without the graphics card. Doesn’t this save a lot of money for the graphics card for installation and operation?

But don’t rush to get excited, the price of a CPU with a core display is generally higher than that of a CPU without a core display, and since there is no independent graphics card,The displayed image will of course be less effective.When encountering some 3D games or rendering software that consume graphics card performance, the core graphics CPU may not be able to carry it.

Therefore, the brothers still start rationally according to the needs of use. Usually just simple office work, online classes, and playing lightweight online games, a CPU with a core display is undoubtedly a more cost-effective choice. but if you want toLarge-scale gameor have fun3D modeling, Nabai suggested choosing a processor without a core display with a discrete graphics card, so that a “huge sum” can be left on the processor.

Reviewing editor: Liu Qing

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