In recent years, smart watches have become a new favorite of people. On June 5, Lenovo released a smart watch equipped with Swiss Rhonda movement – Lenovo watch X. This smart watch, which costs only 299 yuan and combines technology and fashion, instantly attracted the attention of a large number of consumers.

From the appearance, the design of Lenovo watch x tends to be “mature”. The mirror of sapphire, together with surgical grade stainless steel and Swiss movement, highlights the sense of delicacy. In terms of body, Lenovo watch x adopts 316L fine steel body. The color design of black and white reveals its elegant and concise design style.

In terms of intelligence, Lenovo watch X has built-in 6-axis sensors, including geomagnetism, air pressure, heart rate, blood pressure, gravity and gyroscope. “Six senses in one” can not only predict the surrounding living environment information, but also comprehensively monitor and record all kinds of information. At the same time, the 96 * 32 OLED monochrome screen mixed in the mechanical dial has the functions of heart rate meter step display and incoming call information display.

In addition, Lenovo watch x also supports the waterproof of 80m water depth, almost reaching the waterproof peak of smart watches. In terms of endurance function, it is enough for 45 days of ultra long standby, and the most important thing is that the price is super affordable, starting from 299 yuan. Lenovo watch X has proved Lenovo’s new slogan “let citizens use the best products” in all aspects

Speaking of this, I have to mention another meter watch youth version on the market, which is also a 100 yuan smart watch. It is understood that the appearance of the youth version of meDo watch is similar to that of Apple watch. The case is made of polycarbonate, so the hardness and texture can not be compared with metal.

In addition, in terms of intelligence, compared with Lenovo watch x, it is only equipped with four sensors: PPG heart rate sensor, triaxial acceleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor and air pressure sensor. In terms of details, there are some shortcomings, such as unable to synchronize heart rate data, poor positioning speed, unstable weather acquisition and so on.

In general, the youth version of Lenovo watch X and meter watch have almost all the functional features of smart watches on the market, which can meet people’s needs for smart phone play. But in terms of detail, material and stability, Lenovo watch x is obviously better.

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