Amazfit Yuewo GTR 3 Pro launches blood pressure screening program

Recently, Huami Technology (NYSE: ZEPP), a smart wearable and health cloud service company, announced that its smart watch, Amazfit Yuewo GTR 3 Pro, has officially launched a blood pressure screening research project. The project was initiated by Peking University First Hospital, a well-known tertiary hospital in China, and jointly carried out by Wuhan University People's Hospital and Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital. It will use the PumpBeats™ blood pressure monitoring engine on the Amazfit Yuewo GTR 3 Pro to monitor the blood pressure of the subjects. Screening, and doctors judge whether the subjects are suspected hypertensive patients based on the data during the research period.

As the first smartwatch equipped with PumpBeats™ blood pressure monitoring engine, Amazfit Yuewo GTR 3 Pro has jointly carried out blood pressure screening research projects with Peking University First Hospital and other hospitals. After joining the research project, users can use Amazfit Yuewo GTR 3 Pro to learn about their blood pressure screening data at the first time. With the Zepp App, users can also view the average blood pressure curve measured during the project.

The blood pressure screening project will conduct a 28-day screening test for users. The doctor will make a final judgment based on the blood pressure data measured by Amazfit Yuewo GTR 3 Pro. About 300 subjects were recruited to participate in offline ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. If the subjects live in Beijing, Wuhan, and Shanghai, they will have the opportunity to be invited to the hospital for free diagnosis, and users outside these three cities are also recommended to go to the hospital for further diagnosis and treatment.

Quectel Releases High-end 5G Smart Module SG560D

Recently, Quectel officially released the high-end 5G smart module SG560D, which integrates AI and 5G, and has super computing power, which can meet the industrial application requirements of 5G + high computing power. The development of industrial applications such as smart gateways, industrial cameras, and industrial monitoring equipment brings more possibilities.

SG560D will launch multiple frequency band versions to cover the global market demand. It is expected to launch engineering samples in the first quarter of 2022 for industry application development.

Quectel SG560D is a 5G module targeting the high-end market. The high speed, low latency, and large capacity of 5G allow it to perform well in data transmission. SG560D adopts LGA package, conforms to 3GPP Release 15 specification, supports Sub 6G frequency band, can support 5G NSA and SA networking modes, and is backward compatible with 4G/3G network, which can achieve full coverage of various network standards.

Leica launches L1 and L2 watches

These days, quality and design, practicality and durability, extraordinary manufacturing and vision, these are the guiding principles revered by Leica cameras. For more than 150 years, focusing on the essence of photography has been at the core of the Leica brand culture, and this applies equally to the latest additions to the Leica family: the Leica L1 and the Leica L2 – two timepieces with a patented push-down crown.

The design of the Leica L1 and Leica L2 timepieces is inspired by previous masterpieces born in Weitzler. The appearance of both watches was designed by Professor Achim Heine, who has designed many Leica products and has a deep understanding of Leica's aesthetic philosophy. Therefore, the Leica L1 and Leica L2 are cleverly combined with classic designs from Leica's long history. For example, the elegant hands and dial scales, the carefully crafted stainless steel case shape, the special grooves on the crown and the curved dial glass are reminiscent of Leica lenses.

Both watches are powered by a newly developed manual mechanical movement, presented through a transparent caseback made of solid sapphire crystal. For Leica, "Made in Germany" is so important that it has partnered with the German manufacturer Lehmann Präzision GmbH. The development and design of the watch, as well as the movement and most parts of the watch, are developed and produced in the Lehmann factory in the Black Forest region of Germany, ensuring an excellent and efficient vertical production model.

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