On March 3, Leica camera announced its cooperation with mykita to jointly create glasses.

It is reported that mykita is an independent glasses design and manufacturing company located in Berlin, Germany. This time, two series of sunglasses will be launched in the first batch, which are made of pure stainless steel and blended with the mylon material exclusively developed by mikyta in recent years.

Leica official said that the joint work will use Leica eyecare lenses, which are specially developed for this purpose. In addition to the excellent light transmittance, it also uses the colorless coating enjoyed by Leica sports optics and professional photography equipment, which can eliminate the Obsidian light and reflection of lenses that are invisible to human eyes but often cause chronic injury.

Leica camera announced that it will jointly build Sunglasses with mykita, which will use the colorless coating enjoyed by professional photography equipment

Official sources say it is waterproof, stain resistant, scratch resistant, antifogging and easy to clean. German elements can be seen everywhere in the appearance: repeated geometric lens appearance, such as lens shield like upper edge protective layer, unique painting inlay and Leica handwriting engraving, as well as the application of classic frosted silver, black, gray, red and other color elements.

The co branded glasses will be on sale in some Leica official authorized channels from June 2020. The price is not clear for the moment. However, considering the brand positioning of both sides, it is expected that the co branded glasses will not be cheap,

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