On November 27, the 91st executive meeting of the 15th Guangzhou municipal government reviewed and approved the special plan for outdoor advertising in Guangzhou (2020-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the special plan) and the specification for the setting of outdoor advertising and signboards in Guangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the setting specification), so as to re plan and standardize the layout of outdoor advertising and signboards in Guangzhou. The two regulations divide the control areas respectively, standardize the outdoor advertising area and content, control the brightness and switching time of the electronic display screen, and realize the quality and fine management of outdoor advertising. As an important part of the improvement of outdoor advertising policies, what is the impact on enterprises?

LED screen enterprises should follow the trend and follow the policy to explore new growth

The new regulations are strict and end users are directly affected

The planning scope of the special plan covers 11 districts in Guangzhou, concentrating 29 business districts in the city. The outdoor commercial advertisements in the city are divided into optimized areas, strictly controlled areas and prohibited areas for zoning and hierarchical control. The planning period is 2020-2025. The specification encourages the use of innovative technology and creative media for outdoor advertising in 29 business districts in the optimization area, and diversified content can be used for broadcasting, but large floor to floor outdoor advertising is prohibited in the main urban area. In the strictly controlled area with general activity, outdoor advertisements are allowed to be set on buildings with a commercial area of more than 20000 square meters to display the content in static and dynamic form, and the playback speed needs to be slow and consistent. In the forbidden area, outdoor advertising is prohibited in principle. If it meets the allowable conditions, it shall be implemented in accordance with the control requirements of the strictly controlled area. In addition, the setting specification stipulates that it is not allowed to use window advertisements to set up outdoor electronic display screens in disguise, and stipulates that the electronic display screens shall not be opened from 22:30 to 7:30 the next day. Starting from humanism, strictly control the layout and setting of outdoor advertisements and improve the viewing quality of outdoor advertisements. The above is only a concise description. For more detailed provisions, please refer to the special plan and setting specifications.

As an important element of modern outdoor advertising, LED display screen is all over the streets of the city. In the form of high-tech and flexible, it shows the vitality of outdoor advertising. The operator of outdoor LED display – end users need to obtain corresponding income by playing advertisements. The strictly controlled areas and prohibited areas in the above regulations restrict the content display mode of LED display screen, which may reduce the commercial advertisements of display screen in this area, and even lead to the loss and waste of display screen in this area. In addition, as far as the market is concerned, Guangzhou is a famous first tier city with a long history in China, and it is also one of the larger traditional markets of LED display screen in China. The introduction of outdoor advertising planning and setting in Guangzhou has reduced the display screen Market in Guangzhou to 29 business districts, reduced the market capacity and reduced the confidence of LED display screen enterprises entering the Guangzhou market.

Do as the Romans do and strengthen the ability of creativity and innovation

With the promotion of the “beautiful city” policy, all localities have made great efforts to transform the city appearance, and advertising media as outdoor display can not be avoided. Therefore, it is understandable that Guangzhou has issued relevant policies. LED screen enterprises can do as the Romans do in Rome. However, Guangzhou encourages the use of innovative technology and creative media for outdoor advertising in 29 business districts, which is a good time for the development of creative special-shaped screens and effectively promote LED screen enterprises to improve their innovation and creativity. Therefore, enterprises with R & D capabilities can start with creativity and innovation, build led creative special-shaped screens with creativity and sense of science and technology, settle in major business districts in Guangzhou, build business district punch in locations, improve the flow of people in the business district, and achieve win-win results among the three parties. In addition, Guangzhou will also clean up a number of outdoor LED displays that do not comply with regulations and have quality problems, so as to urge LED screen enterprises to pay more attention to the quality of displays, increase humanistic care, and effectively promote the harmonious coexistence between LED displays and people. In addition to Guangzhou, other regions also have relevant regulations with local characteristics. Therefore, when entering and developing the local market, LED screen enterprises need to “do as the Romans do” and strictly follow the relevant local regulations to reduce the obstacles to market development.

With the increasing development of science and technology, the display mode in the future will be broader. In order to adapt to the new display mode, relevant policies and regulations will continue to change with the trend. Therefore, enterprises, including LED screen enterprises, need to follow the trend of development, follow the policy and explore new growth points to promote the new development of enterprises.


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