As apple ignited the miniled trend to drive demand growth and stimulate the upstream and downstream supply chain to expand production capacity, Whitt technology, an LED measurement equipment factory, plans to invest more than 5.2 billion yuan (NT, the same below) to build a factory to seize business opportunities, and passed the review of the “action plan for accelerating investment of enterprises in Taiwan” by the economic affairs management department of Taiwan yesterday (9).

Whitt will invest more than 5.2 billion yuan to integrate existing branches, build operation headquarters and intelligent production base in Taichung Industrial Zone, and expand production capacity; In addition, the foundry testing business of clean room will be expanded in Taichung precision machinery park to improve the testing efficiency and increase the cost performance advantage. It is estimated that it will bring 372 jobs to Taiwan.

Miniled is regarded as a new business opportunity of display technology. Driven by the active investment of large brand manufacturers such as apple, it is expected that relevant new application products will be in large quantities in the first half of 2021, driving the growth of demand. The market is optimistic that whit plays a key role in the supply chain of miniled equipment and is also the exclusive supplier of Apple’s miniled point measurement and sorting equipment. With the gradual increase of the penetration rate of miniled terminals, it is expected that the demand and price of whit LED point selection equipment are expected to rise, which will continue to drive the growth of revenue.

Whit Chengjun has adhered to MIT design and manufacturing for 20 years, invested huge R & D funds every year, continuously refined technology and created market differentiation. It has not only achieved high market share in the field of LED testing of photoelectric equipment, but also obtained the certification of large manufacturers at home and abroad in the testing of vertical resonant cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) and edge emitting laser (eel). Since 2012, laser processing equipment has been widely used in semiconductor and PCB industry. It is popular with large factories at home and abroad. Its own brand FitTech has moved from Taiwan to Chinese mainland and Asia to the world, and the market share is the highest in the world.

Whitt has built a smart chemical plant this time, refined the manufacturing process, introduced automatic production lines, and improved the production and OEM efficiency, including LED measurement equipment, PCB and new products in semiconductor industry are expected to shine.

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