“At present, the first-line market is not getting worse, but the competitors are getting stronger; similarly, the first-line demand is not getting less, but users are demanding more……” then, in the face of this continuous change, how can led display enterprises better grab users and turn them into product sales?

LED display manufacturers: fully fight the first-line market and lock in the range of users

At present, “user demand is really changing more and more” has become a recognized fact of many LED screen enterprises. It is unrealistic for any display brand, even the leading screen enterprises involved in many subdivided fields, to deal with users in all subdivided fields. The reasons are as follows:

First, it is easy for customers in the terminal market to recognize the same brand. For example, if the LED screen enterprise itself is positioning the high-end market, then suddenly turning to the channel market can easily affect the market brand positioning. If it doesn’t pay attention, it will not only fail to develop the channel market, but also easily lose the original high-end market share; Second, for the same enterprise, the channel pattern, marketing, marketing team and after-sales are also relatively stable. If it suddenly changes lanes, it is easy to “overturn”.

In the face of this complex market situation, as well as changeable and differentiated customer groups. For all LED display enterprises, seizing orders is definitely not blindly casting a net everywhere, but learning to lock targets, precision marketing and precision delivery to maximize efficiency conversion.

Positioning the product brand and identifying the target users

one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Different customer groups have different needs, which leads to the differentiation of brand and product consumption. Therefore, both LED screen enterprises and dealers should know more clearly that they must segment the market and users. The point is to find your target users. Similarly, for dealers, they must develop different user groups for different brands and find different needs in order to avoid “low price” walking on one leg.

Fully fight the front-line market and lock in the range of users

“Where the users are, the activities of enterprises should be carried out, and the retail service outlets should be built.” in fact, for all LED display manufacturers, the first and only key to solve the problem of market growth is to “find users, determine users and focus on users”. At this point, the “three kilometer service circle” of powerful giant color can be said to be the leader in the industry.

Operating users is a big topic for all screen enterprises. However, the breakthrough is very clear: that is to run around in the first-line market and find their own target users from various places where people gather. At present, the promotion activities of many LED screen enterprises, whether it is overwhelming profit giving promotion advertising or channel rebate, are essentially “fishing with nets” too extensive. Next, we also need to focus on casting the net again to make the advertising campaign funds more value for money.

Cooperate up and down the supply chain to seize the target users

In the face of users in the front-line market, suppliers must work together, and there can be no internal friction situation of “one rushing in front and one pulling behind”. In recent years, due to the decline of market demand and the frequent impact of competitive industries such as OLED / LCD, the channels of many LED screen enterprises have been robbed by peers or other display industries, and even caused some dealers to lose confidence in the market, let alone focus on users.

In this case, LED screen enterprises need to help dealers rebuild confidence and revitalize the future as soon as possible, re plan the development of the front-line market, re sort out the gathering area of target users, and help them understand users, go deep into users and gain insight into users through a series of practical and effective market activities, so as to promote the further growth of the industry.

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