The literal meaning of “one heart and two uses” mostly refers to inattention. In the process of learning, some actions of “one heart and two uses” are very helpful. For example, taking notes while listening to class can strengthen memory and consolidate knowledge, while listening to soothing music while reading, it is easier to concentrate and improve reading efficiency.

Huawei’s matepad, which is the main learning function, is such a “one mind, two uses” artifact that greatly improves learning efficiency. Huawei matepad’s unique innovative functions such as “intelligent split screen”, “parallel horizon” and “multi screen collaboration” bring a new intelligent interactive experience, which not only simplifies the complicated steps, makes the operation convenient and smooth, but also effectively improves the learning efficiency, which can be called a new generation of “learning magic machine”.

Smart split screen

At present, most products in the tablet market have similar application split screen function, but the user’s actual experience is slightly insufficient. The main reason is that the design of split screen function used in most products is too complex. Users have experienced a “fierce operation like a tiger”, but they can’t get the expected effect. In the long run, the utilization rate of split screen function has gradually decreased.

In order to bring users a better experience of application split screen, Huawei matepad is equipped with intelligent split screen function. Users only need to drag the split screen shortcut bar from the right side of the screen, select two required applications and drag them to the screen to realize multi application and multi task processing on the same screen, give full play to the advantages of large screen, and improve learning efficiency in the way of “one mind, two uses” while clearly displaying information.

Compared with the ordinary split screen function, Huawei matepad’s smart split screen function allows users to directly drag and drop corresponding files between different applications for data exchange, which is more intuitive and efficient than mouse drag and drop.

In this way, users can open the application of learning and note taking at the same time through extremely simple operation. They can take notes while taking online lessons, read English texts while looking up words, or write papers while looking up materials. The application scenarios are rich and diverse, which greatly improves the efficiency of homework and saves more time for students to supplement extracurricular knowledge.

In addition, in the smart split screen mode, users can directly drag out the third floating window. For example, calculators and music playing software can be displayed in the way of floating window, reducing the number of switching between applications, which is also a way to improve learning efficiency.

Multi screen collaboration

In the process of learning, mobile phones often become an interference item. Even if you reply to wechat and answer the phone, you can’t help but be attracted by other pop-up messages. It will take a few minutes or even dozens of minutes for you to go back to class. It not only takes longer, but also greatly affects the learning effect.

In order to solve this problem, Huawei’s matepad creatively launched the multi screen collaborative function, integrating the mobile phone screen and tablet computer screen. In this way, users can directly operate the mobile phone interface on the tablet, drag files in two directions, send and receive short messages, etc. The learning materials on the mobile phone can also be quickly opened on Huawei’s matepad, making the operation more simple and convenient. It has to be said that multi screen collaboration is an innovative function with great practical value for efficiency.

Parallel horizon

Huawei’s matepad also supports the function of parallel view, which can split the left and right screens of different pages of the same application, and the proportion of display areas on both sides can be freely adjusted. When using wechat, users can display the chat list on the left and the applet or circle of friends on the right. They don’t need to exit the applet or public number article reading page, and they can reply to important information in time.

From these intelligent interaction functions, we can see that Huawei matepad, as a comprehensive intelligent tablet that can perfectly balance learning and life, can greatly improve the efficiency of learning. In addition, it has rich educational resources and supports Huawei pencil, which can greatly improve the input efficiency. The new generation of learning artifact deserves its name.

In addition, Huawei’s 618 e-commerce platform is making a good start. From June 2 to June 3, there are different degrees of preferential activities for purchasing Huawei matepad, Huawei matepadpro and Huawei matepadpro5g in Huawei mall and official flagship stores of major e-commerce platforms. Eager friends may as well start as soon as possible!

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