In 2020, the novel coronavirus epidemic affected the first quarter RMB financing transactions decreased significantly, down to 541, compared with the first quarter of 2019, a decrease of about 46.7%.

However, in this context, the financing activity of biopharmaceuticals ranked first in all financing cases.

In the first quarter of 2020, there are three pharmaceutical related industries in the top ten of China’s financing transactions, among which biotechnology and pharmaceutical ranked first with 41; medical devices ranked second, and medical informatization ranked the last. The three industries have completed 70 financing transactions, accounting for 12.9% of the total financing transactions.

During the epidemic period, biopharmaceuticals and cell detection have also been unanimously recognized for their rapid detection and diagnosis. For example, the “fire eye” laboratory, which plays an important role in the war epidemic at home and abroad, is equipped with high-throughput automated virus nucleic acid extraction equipment made by Huada.

Cell detection, bioanalysis and other technologies have been regarded as important medical competitiveness in various countries. Biopharmaceutical enterprises such as Huada intelligent manufacturing, dianga technology, Qiuzhen medicine, Huayin health, Jieyi biology and other Biopharmaceutical Enterprises obtained financing in the first quarter.

The British government also said on May 21 that it would provide millions of pounds to fund the development of cancer and chronic disease monitoring technology. In the recent two sessions, Shen NANPENG also submitted five proposals on “new infrastructure” for medical treatment, including research and development of innovative drugs and reform of approval system.

Huada Zhizao

On May 28, 2020, Huada Zhizao completed more than US $1 billion of round B financing. This is the second round of large-scale financing completed by Huada Zhizao after the first round of fundraising in May 2019.

In the past year, with dnbseq-t7 sequencer, automatic sample preparation system mgisp-960, remote ultrasonic robot and other products on the market, Huada Zhizao has achieved important breakthroughs in the research and development of high-end life science instruments and equipment and the production capacity, and these testing machines have played an important role in the new epidemic period.

Nucleic acid detection is the gold standard of new crown diagnosis. In the traditional detection process, the virus nucleic acid extraction of samples needs manual operation, which is also the biggest bottleneck restricting the speed of detection.

Huada intelligent high-throughput automated virus nucleic acid extraction equipment can not only avoid human errors, reduce the risk of infection in the nucleic acid extraction process of operators, but also improve the speed of large-scale detection.

Up to now, Huada intelligent high-throughput automated virus nucleic acid extraction equipment has been widely used in medical institutions and centers for Disease Control and prevention in more than 30 cities and regions in China. In the new coronavirus detection front line has contributed more than 100000 samples per day theoretical extraction flux, has become an important force in epidemic prevention and control.

As early as February 6, the mgisp-960, a high-throughput nucleic acid extractor made by 10 Taihua University, was assembled in Wuhan “Huoyan” laboratory, which increased the laboratory flux to 20000 copies / day, and realized the daily clearing of samples.

Since then, mgisp-960 and mgisp-100 have become the standard configuration of “fire eye” laboratory, which has gone overseas from home. First, it was accompanied by the “fire eye” laboratory landing in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Harbin and other major cities, and then used in Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Serbia, Australia and other countries and regions to improve the efficiency of large-scale detection, providing a solid foundation for the global war “epidemic” Real tool guarantee.

Dianga Technology

On June 1, 2020, Hangzhou diengar technology, a digital and intelligent solution provider for disease and science, completed round B financing. It is understood that the funds from this round of financing will mainly be used to increase R & D investment and accelerate the full implementation of artificial intelligence and digital and intelligent pathology department business.

So far, Dinka technology, which was established in January 2017, has accumulated more than 200 million yuan in three rounds of investment through angel round, round a and round B.

Since its establishment in 2017, Dinka technology has established its core competitiveness by virtue of its self-developed AI algorithm, and has developed AI auxiliary diagnostic tools with multiple modules. On this basis, it has launched a number of businesses including pathological cloud storage, pathological information management, pathological remote consultation / inquiry, etc.

In the second half of 2019, dianga took the lead in releasing intelligent pathological diagnosis products at the pathological conference. With the help of artificial intelligence, the efficiency and accuracy of pathological diagnosis were improved, and its popularization rate was also improved.

In recent years, although the diagnosis and treatment technology in various fields is constantly updated, more than 70% of clinical medical diagnosis (such as tumors, and most diseases with definite organic lesions) still rely on traditional pathological diagnosis.

The biggest feature of Dienga technology is to provide an integrated product required by the digital construction of pathology department. The built-in pathological AI analysis system carries nearly 30 analysis modules covering a variety of tissue pathology (immunohistochemistry, H & E staining), cell pathology and molecular pathology.

The high complexity and diversity of pathological diagnosis greatly increase the difficulty of pathological AI technology development and innovation, and few technology companies will focus on the product development in this vertical field.

According to Dr. Yang Lin, the software and hardware products independently developed by the company, such as intelligent microscope, various types of scanners, pathological diagnosis image processing software, pathology department information system and remote consultation system, have been approved and listed successively in 2019, and have been recognized by more than 300 top-grade hospitals and professional third-party testing companies in China.

At the same time, Dienga technology is actively exploring the application for the registration certificate of category III pathological AI diagnostic medical devices. Dr. Yang Lin speculates that in the next 1-2 years, domestic medical devices with category III pathological AI diagnosis will be approved.

Relying on abundant auxiliary diagnosis modules and powerful pathological AI technology development ability, Dinka technology has established a comprehensive cooperative relationship with a number of world-famous pharmaceutical enterprises, domestic third-party medical inspection centers, and the world’s top digital pathology brands certified by FDA.

Seeking perfection medicine

On April 20, 2020, Qiuzhen medical obtained several hundred million RMB round B financing. Based on bioinformatics and high-throughput sequencing technology, Qiuzhen medical products cover the fields of tumor liquid biopsy, including early screening of tumor, concomitant diagnosis of targeted drugs, immunoassay, dynamic monitoring, prognosis evaluation and big data platform analysis of tumor bioinformatics.

Since the establishment of Qiuzhen medicine, after three years of rapid development, Qiuzhen medicine has established a number of business lines, such as the third-party medical examination service, IVD (in vitro diagnosis) product production, tumor medical big data platform and other business lines, and has achieved strategic cooperation with Illumina, Agena, Qiagen, IDT and other well-known enterprises.

At present, Qiuzhen medicine has independently developed more than 20 tumor detection products covering nine major system tumors, including pancancerous species and lung cancer, including chosenone 599? And chosenlung Gamma And other products have been awarded the title of new technology and new product (service) in Beijing.

It is reported that Qiuzhen medicine has 34 patents and 54 patents of Shengxin software based on large panel.

Qiuzhen medicine is the only enterprise legal entity cooperating with China tumor gene mapping program (CGAC project). It cooperates with more than 70 top-level hospitals in China to collect and test tumor samples from more than 10000 people, jointly design and establish China’s tumor gene database and clinical database, actively promote the expert consensus on the large panel of tumor multi gene detection, and will build a tumor based on Chinese population in the future Tumor sample library provides sample data support for the development and clinical research of tumor drugs and concomitant diagnostic kits.

In October 2019, Qiuzhen medicine launched its own medical information platform with its own intellectual property rights. Through the platform, it has provided data storage, data query, biological information analysis and other services for more than 40 enterprises. At the same time, it has served many companies to complete the biological analysis and statistical service of tumor gene detection.

In the future, Qiuzhen medicine will continue to improve the big data platform of precision medicine for cancer, and jointly design and establish the Chinese cancer gene database and clinical database with more than 70 top-level hospitals in China.

Huayin health

On April 8, 2020, Guangzhou Huayin Health Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huayin health”) announced to complete the c-round financing of RMB 600 million, which is mainly used for business development of the company. In addition, the company also plans to build a medical laboratory center and a national clinical big data center in Chongqing.

Huayin health is a medical technology service with detection and diagnosis technology service as its core. It was established in 2009 with its headquarters in Guangzhou, China.

The group has a high-tech platform for clinical diagnosis and medicine covering pathological diagnosis, medical examination, precision medicine, remote diagnosis, genetic counseling, clinical research and other fields, and can serve more than 2200 testing items.

The laboratory has been approved by CNAs ISO15189 and cap laboratories in the United States. Huayin pathological diagnosis center is a large-scale third-party pathological diagnosis laboratory in China.

In the past 10 years, it is the key to the health success of Bank of China to deeply explore the industry and cut into the independent medical laboratory (ICL) with pathology as the core.

At present, Huayin health has reached a strategic partnership with famous medical colleges and universities at home and abroad, such as Southern Medical University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Bradford, UK, etc., relying on the resources of medical colleges, strengthening international cooperation, integrating authoritative expert resources and top-notch medical technology resources.

The scope of business services covers clinical laboratory, pathological diagnosis, public health, judicial expertise, health management, biomedical high-tech research and development, mobile medicine, telemedicine, biotherapy, medical education and other fields.

According to statistics, at present, the ICL market share of Jinyu medical, Dean diagnostics, adikang and Daan gene accounts for nearly 70% of the total domestic market share.

In response to this situation, combining its advantages of cooperation with grass-roots hospitals, Bank of China Health has changed from a single laboratory to a regional cooperation mode. Five provincial laboratories, including Guangzhou Huayin medical laboratory center, Nanjing Huayin medical laboratory, Guangxi Huayin medical laboratory, Chengdu Huayin medical laboratory and Tianjin boassez medical laboratory, have been established in 27 provinces and regions of China Laboratory pathology service network.

There are more than 500 technical cooperation hospitals in health pathology discipline of Bank of China, and more than 650000 cases of remote pathological diagnosis and more than 30000 cases of remote frozen pathological diagnosis have been completed.

Jieyi biology

According to Lei, by March 2020, Hangzhou Jieyi biological Co., Ltd. has completed nearly 100 million yuan pre-A round of financing. This financing is the first round of financing since the establishment of Jieyi biology. The financing funds will be used for the registration and reporting of pathogenic metagenomic mngs related equipment and kits, and the construction of detection service network.

Jieyi biology is jointly founded by Dr. Wang Jun, member of the founding team of berry gene, and Zhong Jie, former partner of Zhejiang big health industry fund. It is a technology platform based on high-throughput sequencing (NGS) and gene editing (CRISPR / CAS).

Jieyi biological product innovation and data-driven combination, committed to the innovation of infectious disease testing in the future, is the only company in China to provide pathogen metagenomic mngs automatic detection product solutions.

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