In the face of falling LCD panel prices, domestic panel manufacturers have begun to reduce the output of LCD, and many manufacturers have shifted their focus from LCD to other places.

LCD panel prices continue to fall, manufacturers reduce production capacity

In terms of shipment volume, BOE is the largest LCD company in the world. BOE has reduced the output of its generation 10.5 production line by 25%, and the output of Huaxing optoelectronics and Huike generation 8.5 LCD panels by 10% and 20% respectively.

Therefore, some people in the industry expect that with the gradual stability of LCD panel supply, the price of large LCD panel is expected to rise from the beginning of next year. Last November, a 55 inch panel traded for $151, down to $98 in October. According to IHS, the market research firm, prices of 65 inch and 75 inch LCD panels had fallen for the 14th consecutive month at the end of last month.

It is worth mentioning that many Chinese panel manufacturers have shifted their focus to small and large-scale OLEDs. BOE’s 6-generation OLED production plant in Chongqing with an investment of 46.5 billion yuan will soon be put into operation, and Huike is also building a large-scale 8.6-generation OLED panel production line with a cost of 22 billion yuan.


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