Lattice semiconductor, a leading supplier of low-power programmable devices, announced that Ambarella (NASDAQ: AMBA) chose lattice ecp5 ™ The FPGA is Ambarella cvflow ® SoC system application realizes Mipi bridging function. Cvflow based products can be used in various embedded and intelligent vision applications, including video security, advanced driving assistance (ADAS), electronic mirror, tachograph, driver / driver position monitoring, automatic driving and robot. AMBA chose lattice because its FPGA products have efficient wiring architecture, low power consumption and small size.

The MIPI Alliance said that automobile manufacturers are interested in using Mipi components because they are “very mature, relatively easy to use and help reduce the number of wiring connecting components. Mipi specifications have also been fully verified and greatly reduce risks.” However, many traditional interface standards that automotive and industrial systems need to support are not compatible with Mipi. Lattice’s FPGA can provide the necessary low-power coprocessing to convert sub LVDS and other interface standards supported by traditional components. This helps anba cvflow customers to use the latest Mipi equipment in their new and existing product designs, while ensuring compatibility with other system components.

Mr. Xu long, anba R & D director, said: “Selecting the best components for each of our products is crucial to maintaining our industry-leading position and ensuring that our users get the rich features they need. We are pleased to cooperate with lattice to integrate its low-power FPGA into our SoC platform, which will further strengthen anba’s position as the preferred supplier of advanced automotive and industrial solutions.”

Mr. Wang Cheng, vice president of lattice China sales, said: “lattice’s FPGA and Solution Collection (such as Mvision) Enable our customers and partners to quickly implement high value-added embedded visual functions in their products, such as Mipi signal bridging and aggregation. In addition to general-purpose FPGA, lattice also provides FPGA based on low-power nexus technology platform and optimized for embedded vision, such as crosslink NX, which contains hard core Mipi d-phy interface required for many industrial and automotive applications. “
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