Lattice semiconductor recently announced the launch of its best FPGA logic design software lattice diamond ® v2. 2 software, and icecube2 ™ (v2013-03) software, which is designed for ice40 ™ Device series. These newly launched software support products newly added to lattice’s ultra-low density FPGA product line, which is very suitable for systems with low power consumption, low cost and limited space.

Lattice promotes the best FPGA logic design software, which is suitable for systems with low power consumption, low cost and limited space

The software will also enable engineers to use a new batch of lattice products. In addition, ice40 FPGA designers can now choose comprehensive tools to help achieve their power, space and cost goals.

“To build a system with the lowest power consumption, smallest size and lowest cost, designers must constantly weigh trade-offs and make key decisions throughout the design process.” Mike Kendrick, director of software marketing at lattice semiconductor, said, “we will continue to expand our ultra-low density FPGA product line and give designers the hardware and software resources they need to meet challenging design goals for high-volume, low-cost applications.”

More I / O in smaller sizes

Now lattice diamond v2 2 the design software supports the machxo2 in a compact 184 ball csbga package ™ 4000 FPGA, which can provide up to 150 I / OS, with a size of 8x8mm. With 4320 LUTS of programmable logic, this low-power, instant start, nonvolatile device is ideal for compact, low-power image processing, video and display applications that require high bandwidth and fast data transmission.

Compact co processing function

Icecube2 (v2013-03) software allows designers to use 4 x 4 mm, 81 ball ucbga to package ice40 lp8k FPGA with 0.4 mm spacing. This device compresses more processing functions into a package 25% smaller than other packages before. Ice40 lp8k FPGA has 7680 LUTS, enabling designers to build effective coprocessors to accelerate data processing in many space constrained portable industrial, scientific and medical applications.

The design environment of lattice icecube2 (v2013-03) software supports lattice lattice integrated engine (LSE) and Synplify Pro software of Synopsys company. In addition, lattice integrated engine supports the entire ultra-low density FPGA product line. Designers can easily choose the tools they want to use, and they can obtain a wider range of logic optimization to minimize the power consumption, size and cost of devices.

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