Bring optimized user experience and higher performance for applications in the fields of robots, intelligent factories and motion control

Shanghai, China – December 16, 2021 – lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC), a leading supplier of low-power programmable devices, today released its latest version of industrial automation system solution collection lattice automatetm, adding real-time network connection function and AI based predictive maintenance, enhancing processor performance and expansion capability, And more flexible configuration. Lattice also released Protel ™ The updated version of embedded design environment aims to simplify the development of industrial automation system, improve system performance, and add the function of supporting risc-v processor soft core.

Matt dobrodziej, vice president of marketing and business development at lattice, said: “Helping our customers accelerate the development process while ensuring high performance and achieving low power consumption is one of lattice’s main goals. The latest versions of automatic and Protel have exciting new features to help developers create innovative industrial applications with the latest industry standards and features.”

Optimizations and updates for automatic 1.1 and Protel 2.1 include:

· Automate 1.1

·Local to cloud real-time networking – in addition to the embedded real-time local processing function, it also supports the industry standard OPC UA for cloud connection

·More processor performance and scalability

·More nodes realize more flexible configuration and lower data delay

· Propel 2.1

·It supports the new risc-v rv32imc processor core and provides higher performance and m (multiplication / Division) expansion function

·More IP cores, including three speed Ethernet MAC, multi port memory controller, 10GB Ethernet and PCIe

·On chip debugging is enhanced, and a single download line can be used for processor and logic debugging at the same time

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