In the past two years, when Apple released the new iPhone Series in September, it will also release its next-generation Apple watch. As usual, this year should be the same.

Compared with the apple watch 3 of LTE (long term evolution), the previous Apple watch 2 is generally consistent in design. However, the latter upgrades the performance of this wearable device by carrying faster chips, waterproof housings and cellular mobile data support.

If Apple keeps the same update mode, it is possible to launch the next generation of Apple watch products soon, that is, in the second week of September. In addition, since the launch of the apple watch product line in 2014, Apple will launch the new Apple watch industrial design for the first time this year. This new product launch may also be the largest product upgrade in three years.

Here are the rumors we learned about the new Apple Watch:

Myth 1: naming and screen size

According to Apple’s naming convention, the next generation of Apple watch will be called “Apple watch 4”

The most striking feature of the latest LTE Apple watch 3 is that there is a prominent red dot on the crown of its digital watch.

Ben geskin, a well-known Apple leaker, said: “according to Ming Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst, apple is also likely to change the naming tradition of its wearable devices, because there are rumors that the design of the next generation Apple watch may change, and its display may increase by 15%.”

So far, all Apple watches have a screen size of 38 or 42 mm. Kuo expects the new Apple watch to have a screen of two sizes: 1.57 inches and 1.78 inches.

This means that Apple may narrow the border around the apple watch screen to make more displays compatible with the same size shell.

Myth 2: Battery

It is reported that the battery capacity of the new Apple watch will be greatly increased, and the battery life may be extended. In addition, theoretically, the better battery life of Apple watch may mainly come from the new display technology: foreign media say that Apple will manufacture its own microled display in future products. Microled technology is thinner, brighter and consumes less power.

Rumor 3: health monitoring sensor

Apple may eventually introduce a new health monitoring sensor on its new Apple watch. Previously, Apple CEO Tim Cook had tested a glucose monitor and said that this function was “necessary” for future devices. This behavior also hinted at this possibility. At present, the company is committed to developing EKG sensor and blood glucose monitoring system that can work without damaging the skin. However, it may take a long time to develop these functions before they are really added to the apple watch.

EKG sensor is more rigorous than the heart rate sensor on the latest Apple Watch

Rumor 4: button

It is reported that the new Apple watch will cancel the traditional physical buttons on the basis of retaining the current digital watch crown shape and adopt solid-state buttons, similar to the solid-state design of iPhone 7 home key in 2016. The button will not respond to the touch of the user moving back and forth, but will vibrate slightly under the fingertip, that is, click through the internal motor simulation. Due to the use of solid-state buttons, the openings required for physical buttons are eliminated. This design not only saves space, but also makes the equipment more dust-resistant and waterproof. However, it is not clear whether this will become a highlight of the new Apple watch this year.

Myth 5: chip

Most likely, the next generation Apple watch will have a faster chip, enabling Siri and fitness tracking functions to start faster and run more smoothly.

Myth 6: Model

According to the recently disclosed documents submitted by apple to the European Economic Commission, the next generation Apple watch will have six certified models. The apple Watch released last year has 8 models, with 2 different screen sizes and 3 shell materials, as well as the difference between LTE versions. The release of only six models this year may mean that the cellular modem will become the default feature of the new Apple watch.

Rumor 7: selling price

If Apple introduces a new Apple watch, the company will also launch a new cool watch strap. At present, the new entry-level small apple watch sells for $330, and the larger Apple watch sells for $359. It is reported that Apple will give up its expensive ceramic products.

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