The impact of the epidemic is far from abating, and the change to the color TV industry is more obvious. According to the data of the 10th week of 2020 (March 2-8), the growth rate of online retail sales of laser TV reached an amazing 2112.5% year on year; Its online and offline performance is also good, laser TV 75l9s also topped the best seller list“ Under the “cold winter”, laser TV has become a new force. Even the color TV companies that have been using diss laser TV have begun to recruit relevant talents.

Laser TV is a new force, with an amazing growth rate of 2112.5%

According to the monitoring data of the 10th week of zhongyikang, laser TV continued to perform strongly this week. The sales volume of retail sales increased by 1259.6% year-on-year, and the growth rate of retail sales reached 2112.5%. After the growth rate of retail sales reached 1016.7% last week, it once again set a new growth record.

And offline, laser TV also performs well. Data show that laser TV is the only growth in all TV categories, and Hisense full-color laser TV 75l9s, which was launched at the end of last year, once again topped the best-selling list. It is worth mentioning that in the top 20 of the best-selling list, three laser TVs were shortlisted.

The reason for this is that AVC has previously published an analysis that in the era of nationwide online classes, people’s demand for large screen eye protection is an important reason for the outbreak of laser TV. It is understood that due to the use of reflection imaging, laser TV in principle to eliminate the harm to the eyes. Liu Xiaowei, chief ophthalmologist of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, also said: “the promotion of TV products with good visual comfort, especially laser TV, is very important for the protection of young people’s vision.”

In the awe2020 Hisense online live broadcast on March 12, the first domestic exhibition of screen sound laser TV and curly screen laser TV raised the future of TV to a new level. The powerful growth power of laser TV has also aroused the envy of peers. According to media reports, an enterprise that has repeatedly attacked laser TV in public has failed to escape the law of “true fragrance” and quietly posted the information of recruiting laser TV engineers on the job website.


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