At present, large screen has become one of the most concerned trends in the color TV industry. According to the report on the development summary of China’s color TV market in the third quarter of 2019 recently released by ovicloud, the sales of large screens of 65 inches and above increased by 5.2% online and 7.3% offline in the third quarter. This reflects that with the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of living standards, living conditions continue to improve, and people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. Small and medium-sized TVs can no longer meet this daily demand, while large screen TVs attract more consumers with wide vision, immersive experience and forced audio-visual enjoyment. How to buy a large screen TV? Laser TV brings the best choice.

Compared with LCD TV, laser TV has unique eye protection characteristics. Hisense laser TV L7 makes the picture almost as soft as people’s daily objects through the principle of diffuse reflection imaging. In September 2018, ophthalmologists from China Institute of electronic technology standardization and Beijing Union Medical College Hospital conducted a comparative test on Laser TV and LCD TV. The analysis of 144 groups of test data shows that watching laser TV is more comfortable than watching LCD TV within 3M viewing distance, which is more conducive to protecting eye health.

The large screen brings great shock. Hisense laser TV L7 can almost occupy the TV wall at home, and the picture quality is also better than that of LCD TV of the same size. Hisense laser TV L7 is equipped with a liquid cooling heat dissipation system independently developed by Hisense, which has overcome the industry problem of high-temperature heat dissipation of red laser light source, and has become the first TV in the industry to successfully develop a true two-color laser “red laser light source + blue laser light source”. Hisense laser TV L7 adopts the design principle of pure red and blue two-color laser light source, so that the color gamut can reach 160% under bt.709 standard, the color restoration ability is stronger, and the picture presentation is more real, natural, clear and realistic. Combined with MEMC motion picture compensation technology, it optimizes the presentation effect of motion picture, and easily captures every motion detail through motion estimation of video picture, It makes the dynamic picture more smooth and clear, and avoids the trouble caused by the common drag problem.

Hisense laser TV L7 not only pursues perfection in image quality, but also strictly abides by the same high standard for sound quality. Hisense laser TV L7 is equipped with Harman Caton sound, a global high-end sound brand. The sound is pure and free of impurities, and the fidelity rate can be as high as 6%, which can restore the sound effect of the film to the most realistic effect for users. Hisense laser TV L7 also adopts the arrangement of about 14 speakers to form a huge sound cavity with the host body, which can easily realize the three-dimensional surround in the sound space, so that users can experience the cinema level sound quality effect at home.

100 inch large screen, ultra clear image quality performance, three-dimensional surround sound effect and the most characteristic eye protection function – in fact, all these need less than 1 / 5 of the price of the same size LCD TV. If you are interested in large screen TV, you might as well learn more about Hisense laser TV L7 and start with more preferential activities at the end of the year.

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