Simplify the remote management of network, server and data center to ensure business continuity in a safe and reliable way

Bay, California, July 112020 (globe Newswire)– Lantronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: ltrx), the world’s leading provider of intelligent edge and secure data management solutions for the Internet of things (IOT), announced today that its out of band management (oobm) solution has been widely used by organizations around the world to ensure secure remote access and management of global networks and data centers.

“System uptime and security are critical to the success of an enterprise. Any one of the two problems may seriously damage the company’s profits. ” Paul pickle, chief executive of Lantronix, said. “Our out of band and remote access products are designed to ensure communication security and are key components of a strong infrastructure.”

Retail chain: enable 24 / 7 remote access

One of the world’s leading food and general merchandise retailers uses Lantronix’s oobm solution at its global retail outlets to ensure 24 / 7 access to critical network infrastructure and ensure normal operation. Our oobm solution enables centralized IT teams to manage and maintain their critical network infrastructure more effectively.

Data center: ensuring remote access and management

A leading software company uses Lantronix’s oobm solution in its global data center business to ensure remote access and management of its critical network and system resources. Uptime is critical to its global data center operations, and its senior staff are often located outside the data center, so it’s important to ensure that they can always remotely access and manage the infrastructure under any circumstances. Oobm can ensure the safe remote control of maintenance, while maintaining a low resource overhead. This solution also eliminates the concerns of management and it teams who know they can access it in an emergency.

Branches: remote maintenance and management

A key university uses the oobm solution of Lantronix to maintain the system resource continuity of its multiple branches. Multiple locations complicate management, branch locations have no IT staff, and network infrastructure from multiple vendors is limited. The use of oobm enables secure remote maintenance of these locations and reduces the need for engineers to go to the site, enabling small it teams to effectively monitor numerous locations.

Remote sites: promoting centralized management

A global bank uses oobm solutions on thousands of ATMs to ensure the uptime and security of this critical part of its network infrastructure. Because of the large number and remote location of these sites, and their vital functions, the bank relies on oobm to enable the IT team located in the center to manage, monitor and ultimately solve any problems that arise. This can ensure the normal operation time to the greatest extent, reduce the demand for ATM site management, and shorten the project time.

“Lantronix’s innovative out of band management solutions have been applied to many industries such as retail, finance, technology and higher education, enabling centralized IT teams to manage thousands of locations in a secure and remote manner, ensuring the uptime of critical network infrastructure.” Said Jonathan Shipman, vice president of strategy at Lantronix. “Combined with our single glass SaaS platform, console flow, it will be easier than ever to monitor and manage the increasing complexity of the scale and geographic diversity of customer deployment in today’s era.”

Out of band management solution of Lantronix

Data center solutions: Lantronix’s in band and out of band management solutions are applicable to it equipment in data center, network edge, hosting, remote sites, branches and engineering test laboratories, and can provide an alternative path to network equipment when the main network is interrupted.

Branch office / remote management solutions: Lantronix’s branch office management solutions provide secure and fast real-time visibility and control of IT equipment at branches and remote sites, ensuring business continuity during unexpected network outages and network security attacks.

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