Automotive manufacturing is at a key industry turning point. The storage as a service agreement will support the future scalability and continuous innovation of BMW’s global IT infrastructure

In December 2021, kyndryl qindarui (NYSE: KD), a global IT infrastructure service provider, and NetApp, a data management solution provider, announced that based on their deep experience and cooperative relationship in the automotive industry, they would jointly provide key enterprise data infrastructure for all data centers of BMW Group in 17 countries on five continents; Among them, Germany, the United States and China are regarded as key markets.

According to the plan, kyndryl qindarui’s digital infrastructure services and NetApp’s cloud led and data centric software technology will be effectively combined. Kyndryl qindarui, as the technology integrator and operation partner of enterprise digital transformation, will use its professional knowledge and global influence to manage the enterprise storage infrastructure crucial to the automobile manufacturing and production process, innovate the storage as a service project, and provide cloud data infrastructure services for all data center operations of BMW Group in 17 countries on five continents. Thus, the key systems of BMW Group will be guaranteed with operational stability covering global business. At the same time, NetApp provides mixed cloud data infrastructure for the needs of all data centers of BMW Group, and provides the best network storage (NAS) and extended storage infrastructure in the industry. The strong combination ensures that BMW group can have continuous data availability, uninterrupted service delivery and convenient data mobility, whether in the data center or in the cloud, so as to accelerate innovation and obtain data value.

In the automotive industry, kyndryl qindarui is serving 8 of the world’s 10 largest automotive companies – which is the key value of kyndryl qindarui. Kyndryl qindarui’s managed infrastructure as a service not only provides customers with stable system operation and higher availability, but also reduces the cost of customers’ self-management infrastructure and various problems derived from management. The case of BMW also reflects the current development trend of digital infrastructure in automobile manufacturing industry.

A recent McKinsey study on the transformation of consumers’ decision-making mode of buying cars found that nearly 60% of consumers in all regions and ages are unwilling to go to the exhibition hall at all; Most potential buyers want to evaluate, configure and purchase vehicles online rather than directly contact dealers and salespeople. This means that automobile manufacturers need to provide a more complex and perfect digital shopping experience to show the functions of the vehicle in a full range, such as intelligent infotainment, temperature control and optional performance modes. At the same time, the automobile manufacturing industry is turning to hybrid and all electric platforms, trying to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, so as to solve environmental problems and meet government requirements. This also puts forward high requirements for the IT infrastructure of automobile manufacturers: only the IT infrastructure based on cloud computing can provide availability, scalability and security while maintaining operation and controlling costs, so as to ensure that manufacturers can improve the whole production and manufacturing process without affecting business. This requires automobile manufacturers to have the ability to collect, store, analyze and protect big data, and build future oriented data infrastructure and system platform.

Today’s automobile manufacturing industry is no less dependent on information technology than on steel, rubber and glass. The key turning point of the industry will determine the development and survival in the next few decades, and the strategic and innovative partnership is the only way forward. Kyndryl qindarui’s profound industry expertise, first-class partners, diversified ecosystem of solutions and excellent service delivery are helping BMW and other automobile manufacturers predict and meet future needs and maintain a leading position in this highly competitive industry.

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