At the beginning of the new year in 2021, the qstar-7x series chips, which took Kunrui Electronics’ R & D team two years to polish, were grandly launched. This chip conforms to the EPC global Gen2 UHF protocol. Its ultra-high read-write sensitivity, electrical performance and memory advantages can be easily handled even in the face of the most challenging RFID application scenarios. Qstar-7x series chip omni-directional label is more compact, with project level reading reliability. In addition to supporting single port antenna ports, it can also support dual differential antenna ports. Qstar-7x series chips provide more sensitive and reliable RFID UHF solutions for customers in different industries by virtue of their ultra-high sensitivity, excellent anti-interference, all-round antenna support (3D stereo antenna technology), flexible memory architecture, and customized allocation capacity of EPC area and user memory according to customer needs.

? Ultra high reading sensitivity -21 DBM (dipole antenna); Ultra high write sensitivity -17 DBM (dipole antenna)

? Chip storage temperature range -55 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃, chip operating temperature range -40 ℃ + 85 ℃

? It supports single port antenna and dual differential antenna ports. The 3D stereo antenna has two completely independent antenna interfaces, enabling 360 degree blind spot free reading

? Auto tuning function can improve the reading and writing performance in different material labels

? Comply with EPC global Gen2 UHF standard and ISO 18000-6c standard

? It has the world’s leading read-write sensitivity and excellent anti-interference ability to achieve project level read-write reliability

? Flexible memory architecture, multiple memory options – support applications with large user memory (512 bits, with data fast permanent locking function) or EPC memory (528 bits)

Intelligent travel

Smart Service – Application of airline baggage tags

In the use scenario of air baggage tags, it is undoubtedly a challenge for readers to continuously locate air baggage tags from multiple angles. There are blind spots in the labels of traditional chips. Even if the labels with the latest antenna design are adopted, it is still difficult for readers to read some label angle positions. The new generation of ultra-high frequency RFID series chip qstar-7x of Kunrui electronics is used. The dual differential antenna port and 3D stereo antenna make the reading angle of the short-range label insensitive. The real 360 degree blind spot free reading is realized, and the reading range of the label is greatly improved.

First stereo antenna

Make logistics warehousing more efficient

In the application of logistics warehousing RFID, the cost of RFID chip is relatively high. The response pattern of Kunrui electronic qstar-7x chip is circular, the sensitivity of each angle is not much different, and the reading range of each angle has been significantly increased. Using 3D stereo antenna technology, the reader can read the label from any angle, the reading rate is significantly improved, and the label size can be designed smaller and the cost is cheaper. Kunrui electronic antenna designer has professional RFID system knowledge, combined with the flexibility of tag chip, has created a series of unique tag antenna reference designs. You are welcome to contact Kunrui electronics for more information.

Super sensitivity

Ultra small size makes clothing label more reliable

Clothing tags have been using RFID technology for many years and are very mature. Kunrui Electronics’ qstar-7x series chips have better performance, smaller size and cheaper price. In the field of clothing or retail, tracking the whole process data from production link to supply chain logistics to store sales is better. Kunrui electronics has been continuously innovating for many years. The stable quality of Kunrui electronics has won the unanimous trust of partners. The strict production test system ensures that each chip will be tested at the wafer level before and after the temperature cycle, ensuring that the embedded partners of Kunrui electronics get high-quality components.

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