1. Move the robot in the forward direction so that the spacer blocks fall on the piston rod.

2. Place the spacer block on the exposed piston rod between the fisheye fitting and the hydraulic cylinder, for this, push the rubber bellows back.

3. Carefully move the boom in the negative direction until the spacer blocks are seated straight.

4. Secure the counterweight with suitable equipment such as a crane.

5. Unscrew the four socket head cap bolts and disc washers, and remove the lock washers. Using a pin puller, pull the bolt out of the boom.

6. Unscrew the two hexagon socket head cap bolts and the stop washer, remove the cover of the rotating body, and carefully remove the balance weight from the bolts of the rotating body.

7. Lift the counterweight up. In the meantime, remove the thrust washer and spacer.

8. Place the balance weight on a suitable mat.

Required special tools:

Editor: Huang Fei

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