Kuangshi presented a new and upgraded enterprise service strategy for the first time, focusing on the scene of intelligent building park. Since then, Kuangshi has entered a new development stage at the level of to B enterprise service.

1、 Kuangshi announced the big picture of enterprise service strategy, upgraded the playing method and strengthened the moat of the Internet of things

In the big picture of enterprise service strategy, Kuangshi has significantly upgraded its development strategy. It first proposed the “1 + 3 strategy” in 2019 and officially upgraded to the current “1 + 3 + 6” strategy. The author believes that this marks the comprehensive upgrading of Kuangshi from a simple face recognition technology supplier in the past to a higher-level Internet of things solution provider.

In the “1 + 3 strategy” in 2019, Kuangshi stressed that it should output face recognition related algorithms to the three fields of personal networking, urban Internet of things and supply chain Internet of things based on the brain + + deep learning framework. At that time, the open-minded operation thinking focused on the algorithm research and development of “1”, while the participation and investment in solutions in “3” fields were still insufficient. Now, the “1 + 3 + 6 strategy” proposed by Kuangshi has further subdivided six business deployment “tracks” in these three areas. This shows that Kuangshi has made all preparations for fully participating in the implementation of the Internet of things in various vertical fields.

Kuangshi should further strengthen its competitive advantage in the field of Internet of things. In the past, the main role of Kuangshi in the market was the algorithm provider. This positioning enabled Kuangshi to focus its resources and manpower on the most core R & D, thus creating its professional status. But at the same time, Kuangshi is also aware that in order to further improve profitability and realize the comprehensive embodiment of its own technical advantages at the business level, it must upgrade its own development strategy and realize the development path from the original technology leading to business and technology.

In terms of specific playing methods, Kuangshi subdivided the logistics business division (LBG) and retail business division (RBG) in the supply chain scenario; In the personal scenario, the cloud service division (CSG) and mobile business division (MBG) jointly constitute the personal brain business segment; In the urban scenario, the urban business division (CBG) and enterprise business division (EBG) are the main forces. After this upgrade, Kuangshi’s to B business system has been announced to take shape. In the future, Kuangshi’s layout in the field of Internet of things will be more perfect, and its “moat” will be wider and stronger.

2、 From algorithm to hardware, Kuangshi has evolved into a “software and hardware integration” Internet of things solution provider

Matching the big picture of enterprise service strategy, Kuangshi also released new products and technologies. This new product release covers the three levels of “cloud edge end”. In the cloud, Kuangshi launched the “one platform + two clouds” product matrix, the “Kuangshi Pangu” aiot view comprehensive application platform and the “Kuangshi jiuxiao” aiot intelligent business IOT cloud platform. Among them, “open vision Pangu” is positioned in large and medium-sized aiot application scenarios, focusing on AI visual analysis to solve human / vehicle / safety events in building parks. While “Kuangshi jiuxiao” locates SMB small and medium-sized enterprise customers, uses the public cloud service mode, is committed to creating a minimalist AI access process for customers, and provides a one-stop “Ai light application” closed-loop solution.

Kuangshi evolves into a "hardware and software integration" Internet of things solution provider

On the “edge” side, Kuangshi has “kuangshawk” series edge storage and computing all-in-one machine and “magic cube” series intelligent view analysis box, which can put “wisdom” in front through embedded algorithm warehouse, realize front-end storage and front-end computing in combination with terminal sensing equipment, and support business distributed management and fast closed-loop; On the “end” side, Kuangshi’s more perfect intelligent building park product system includes “minguan” series intelligent network cameras, “Mingcha” series human ID / visitor machines, and the newly launched “Shenxing” series face access control all-in-one machines, which can cover any scene in the building Park, stand by at any time, perceive needs, and protect regional security;

The product technology system fully covered by “cloud edge end” is the concrete embodiment of Kuangshi’s new “1 + 3 + 6” strategy. This product system will be combined into an open-minded Internet of things solution, which supports unified aiot device access and management at the bottom; In the middle layer, relying on brain + + as the algorithm engine, it provides customized algorithm support and modular, scalable and highly secure data management center; In the business layer, a unified business platform can derive a rich business application matrix for users to help users provide core business management for different business scenarios.

Supported by the combination of hardware and software and integrated solutions, users’ Internet of things system will be more and more refined and scene oriented. This advantage is the core demand of users when deploying Internet of things technology in living and working places such as buildings, parks, shopping malls and campuses. Its further improvement marks that Kuangshi has evolved from a simple algorithm provider in the past to a provider of “software and hardware integration” Internet of things solutions.

3、 The market prospect of the building park is broad and promising

One of the biggest highlights of the new enterprise service strategy is to pay special attention to the building park market in terms of business processes and specific product technologies.

At the press conference of the strategic map, Gu Liang, senior vice president of Kuangshi and general manager of the newly established enterprise business division (EBG), stressed that Kuangshi’s core business strategy will focus on the building park scene and make every effort to build aiot cloud edge product system.

The decision was very far sighted. With the development of Internet, big data and AI technology, the demand for digital and intelligent upgrading of buildings, parks, campuses, shopping malls and other places has been growing at a high speed. Especially since 2020, the impact of the epidemic and the upcoming implementation of the national new infrastructure plan have directly promoted the explosive growth of the intelligent market of building parks. According to the analysis report on the development prospect and investment forecast of Smart City Construction issued by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the scale of China’s smart building market will continue to grow by about 30% from 2019 to 2020, and may reach 640 billion yuan by 2020. The digital upgrading of building parks has become a trend. At this key node, the development direction of AI application focusing on building Park scenes is in line with the general trend and is a promising new growth point.

After the strategic upgrading, the competitive advantage of Kuangshi’s product technology system of “software and hardware integration” in the intelligent market of building park will be more obvious. For example, the newly launched “Kuangshi Pangu” takes AI visual analysis of human / vehicle / safety events in the building Park as the main function, the market is positioned in large and medium-sized scenarios, and can provide strong support for the privatization deployment mode. It includes four core applications of “one face communication”, “super time and space”, “algorithm factory” and “Ai big data”, which provide intelligent upgrading for the building park, It provides a toolbox with rich functions and strong performance.

In terms of organizational structure, the enterprise business division (EBG) has been newly established due to the openness after the strategic upgrading. In close cooperation with the originally efficient urban business division (CBG), it will achieve better response to the subdivided scenarios such as buildings and parks through the fine layout of the urban Internet of things. Under the support of this new and efficient system, in addition to continuing to strengthen the intelligent upgrading of typical building parks, Kuangshi will also go deep into the field of “Pan Park” to realize the penetration of scenes such as science and Technology Park, smart community, smart campus and smart hotel. In these scenarios, the open-minded “software hardware integration” solution is more attractive to users.

In the new era of infrastructure construction, Kuangshi with leading Internet of things technology will make great achievements!

        Editor in charge: PJ

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