At present, the digital economy has become the key engine of economic growth. The process of economic and social digitalization has accelerated into the fast lane. Digital life has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. A better digital life has also become the common demand of the people. On April 28, Chinatelecom held an online digital life ecological partnership conference entitled “new ecology of digital life, win-win cooperation and a new future”, focusing on the whole house intelligence, video networking, big video, chips and other fields. Kuang Shi was invited to attend this event to deepen cooperation and imagine the future.

At the meeting, Kuangshi and Chinatelecom digital life Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the form of cloud signing, aiming to jointly assist in the full scene digital application integration of “family community village city”, comprehensively layout the digital life field, jointly create a more intelligent, comfortable and safe digital life experience for users, and actively explore and innovate the mode of “cloud resources + terminal hardware + application services”, Jointly build and share social service ecology.

At present, the cooperation between Kuangshi and digital life has covered many fields, such as smart community, Tianyi caretaker, Tianyi cloud eye and video capability open platform, giving full play to Chinatelecom’s advantages in FTTH, 5g, cloud computing, Internet of things and other new infrastructure fields, and superimposing Kuangshi’s advantages in intelligent AI terminal, large-scale AI algorithm supply, rich algorithm definition software and hardware product family, etc, We have jointly created a number of industry-leading scenario based and ecological aiot integrated solutions to continuously provide safe and convenient digital life services.

In addition, Kuangshi was also awarded the “2021 China Telecom digital life excellent partner product joint innovation award”. Kuangshi is confident to build a core base with China Telecom, build the integration platform capability, promote the further development of the video networking model through AI algorithm empowerment and terminal evolution innovation, and comprehensively improve the digital governance capability of the whole society.

A better digital life has come. Kuangshi will work with Chinatelecom to let AI enter thousands of households and build a new picture of digital life for all!

Reviewed by: Pengjing

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