LG U + (LG uplus), South Korea’s third-largest mobile operator, said on Tuesday that it has developed an advanced cellular module technology with global partners, which makes mobile terminal devices no longer need SIM cards, Yonhap reported.

LG U + said that by working with Sony semiconductor Israel, a cellular chip developer, ntmore, a local communications module manufacturer, and Giesecke + devrent, a German digital security solution provider, several companies have validated integrated universal integrated circuit card (iuicc) solutions.

SIM cards can be used to store subscriber information and service providers’ personal information.


In iuicc, the function of SIM card is realized in the communication chip supporting voice and data connection.

LG U + said the new technology will help terminal equipment manufacturers make smaller products because it does not require the space or extra components required for SIM cards, and will also allow companies to reduce production costs.

LG U + said the company plans to first use iuicc technology in IOT products, especially for tracking equipment and outdoor detection equipment.

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