Maxim Integrated Products introduces the DS1925 iButton® data logger, enabling longer-term monitoring of cold chains and other temperature-sensitive products or processes.

Temperature-sensitive products or processes can be destroyed if exposed to too high or too low temperatures, and data loggers can help solve this problem. In the past, companies could only retain 16KB of data per critical temperature monitoring task and often had to reduce the data sampling rate. The DS1925 has 122KB of data logging memory, which enables longer monitoring times than other data logging products, while maintaining a corresponding sampling rate.

The DS1925 has high accuracy over a wide temperature range and is capable of measuring battery life. The device retains measurement data even if the battery is depleted before the logger is replaced. Unlike other temperature loggers that use plastic housings, the DS1925 features a rugged stainless steel housing that can withstand harsh environments and conditions. The DS1925 is ideal for temperature recording in cold chain, pharmaceutical, medical, life science, and food safety applications.

main advantage

Maximum storage capacity: 122KB data logging memory, while other products are 16KB

Greater accuracy over a wide temperature range: ±0.5°C over -40°C to +85°C temperature range

Rugged and durable: stainless steel housing, while others are plastic

Smaller size: 17.35mm x 5.89mm


"Maxim's extensive experience in environmental and temperature sensing has helped us develop next-generation products, such as the DS1925, to meet customer challenges," said Scott Jones, executive director of Microchip and Security Business Management at Maxim Integrated. Trusted by our users, we are committed to providing long-term, high-quality service to our loyal Maxim customers like TSS."

"Our life sciences customers rely on us to provide reliable data that enables them to make informed decisions and ultimately ensure the safety of patients around the world," said Tobias Holmer, Product Manager at TSS. Capability and other high-performance elements bring the quality of TSS data capture to a new level. With this new high-capacity DS1925 model, our customers can increase sampling rates and achieve longer monitoring periods while maintaining high-quality data."

Availability and Pricing Information

Evaluation boards are available, including hardware, software, host system source code, supporting products, and system solution references

Chips start at $45.25 (1,000+, US FOB price)

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