As a further enhancement of its comprehensive PCIe ® As an initiative of 4.0 solid state disk (SSD) product portfolio, kioxia Corporation launched Kexia xg8 series client SSD, which is suitable for high-end notebook computers, desktop computers, game systems, workstations, and data center startup applications.

The xg8 series is designed to bring a new generation of performance to demanding customer environments, enabling advanced users to enjoy the speed of PCIe gen4 X4 and sufficient storage space.

Xg8 series adopts the m.2 2280 specification and supports optional security functions that comply with the latest TCG pyrete 2.01 and TCG opal 2.01 standards [1] to ensure data security at home, at work or on the road. In addition, xg8 series also has end-to-end data path protection function to improve data integrity.

Other features include:

Proactively support nvme ™ 1.4 basic management commands on the feature set and system management bus (SMBus) support more stringent thermal management for personal computers

Power off notification is supported to protect data from forced shutdown

Sideband signals (perst\

The xg8 series offers 512gb, 1024gb, 2048gb and 4096gb capacity products, which are now available for customer evaluation.

[1] Security / encryption options may vary by region.

*Samples are used for evaluation purposes. The sample specification may be different from the mass production model.

*Definition of capacity: Kaixia defines megabytes (MB) as 1000000 bytes, gigabytes (GB) as 1000000000 bytes, and terabytes (TB) as 1000000000000 bytes. However, the computer operating system uses the power of 2 to report the storage capacity, defining 1GB = 2^30 bits = 1073741824 bits, 1GB = 2^30 bytes = 1073741824 bytes, 1TB = 2^40 bytes = 1099511627776 bytes, so the displayed storage capacity is small. The available storage capacity, including examples of various media files, will vary depending on the file size, format, settings, software and operating system and / or pre installed software applications, or media content. The actual formatted capacity may vary.

*PCI Express and PCIe are registered trademarks of pci-sig.
*NVM express and nvme are registered or unregistered trademarks of NVM express, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
*All other company names, product names and service names may be trademarks of their respective companies.

Xg8 series PCIe of Kaixia Co., Ltd. for high-end client applications ® 4.0 solid state drive (photo: US business information)

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