On January 20, Kasakkobayeva, Director of the Public Service Department of the National Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan, said at a media briefing that Kazakhstan plans to start the second mandatory labeling management of tobacco products from April 1, 2021. stage work.

Card said that as a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, Kazakhstan will implement mandatory labeling management of tobacco products, and tobacco product manufacturers, importers and distributors are required to participate. Mandatory tag management is implemented in two phases. The first phase began on October 1, 2020, with electronic labelling of cigarettes with and without filters. The second phase begins on April 1, 2021, adding electronic labels to other tobacco products such as cigars, tobacco sticks, liquid cigarettes, and electronic cigarettes. From October 1, 2021, all tobacco products without electronic labels will be prohibited from continuing to circulate. Violators will be fined 200-500 times the monthly accounting base and confiscated goods. If the circumstances are serious, criminal responsibility will be investigated according to law. .

According to the electronic label implementation method, manufacturers and importers will affix the Data Matrix QR code encrypted electronic label on tobacco products to replace the paper excise tax labels previously affixed to tobacco products. When selling tobacco products, the QR code information is scanned and sent to the data operator and entered into the “Commodity Traceability Labeling System”. Items that have been sold are marked in the system and withdrawn from circulation. In this way, the information system can track the whole process of the circulation of labelled goods.

Ka said that the implementation of mandatory electronic labels will help reduce the illegal circulation of tobacco products, ensure consumer safety, create a competitive environment for manufacturers, and help reduce market supervision expenses for national regulatory authorities.

The authorized unit in Kazakhstan responsible for the construction and operation of the compulsory product labeling and traceability system is Kazakhstan Telecom Joint Stock Company. At present, manufacturers that have participated in the mandatory electronic label management of tobacco products include Japan Tobacco (JTI), Philip Morris, British American Tobacco (BAT), Imperial Tobacco and other industry giants.
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