Not long ago, Facebook released oculus quest, a high-end VR all-in-one machine, which is a VR head display of the main game. However, considering that the head display has also launched a 128GB Version (oculus has launched an enterprise solution and head display batch purchase scheme, and quest128gb is priced at US $999), coupled with its excellent hardware configuration and portability, it should also be friendly enough for b-end applications.

Karuna labs will launch quest based medical solutions

Oculus Quest

Karuna labs and OSSO VR, two VR medical solution companies in the United States, have begun to adopt oculus quest. They will apply quest to pain management treatment and surgical training respectively.Founded in 2016, Karuna labs has been focusing on using VR to provide topical non penetrating and customizable treatment projects for patients with chronic pain for many years. Through VR, Karuna labs trains patients’ perception of pain (neural plasticity) to alleviate limb, neck and waist pain.

The company’s team consists of a group of neuroscientists, pain medicine doctors and physiotherapists, as well as it experts in the medical field. It provides not only Karuna home, a solution that can be used at home, but also Karuna pro, an advanced solution that can be used in hospitals.

Karuna labs will launch quest based medical solutions

VR pain treatment

OSSO VR is a company focusing on medical assistance and training tools. It helps train future surgeons through realistic and low-cost VR surgical simulation content. The solution provided by OSSO VR not only allows trainees to experience various surgical tools, but also provides them with various concepts and scene simulations.

With oculus quest, the two companies will be able to get rid of the shackles of PC VR connection cable and allow more hospitals and medical students to use portable VR medical solutions. Moreover, Quest’s 6DOF head hand tracking has brought more possibilities for VR medical treatment, which may be more and more widely used in the future.

Karuna labs will launch quest based medical solutions

Medical training with oculus rift

At present, the two companies are using quest Developer Suite to develop content, and will launch quest based solutions in the near future.

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