The ready to use platform is based on comexpress type 6 module and equipped with the 11th generation of Intel & core ™ Processor (tigerlake) or Intel & whirlwind ™ X600e series processor (Elkhart Lake) provides Ethernet connection with TSN technology through multiple Gigabit Ethernet or 2.5gbe ports. Kangjiate has supported the TSN function and provided several development platforms to realize the combination of TSN synchronous network and real-time control in virtual machine (VM). In addition, the newly added TCC support and additional time stamp counter (TSC) function can manage the synchronous execution of various operations at the I / O level in real time.

“TSN and TCC are complementary technologies for IP based real-time communication,” said Martin danzer, director of product management at Konka. TSN coordinates different actors by setting the network time – just like the conductor of a symphony orchestra, while TCC ensures that each actor performs exactly according to the command. After adding real time virtual machine monitoring technology of real time systems (RTs), we can ensure that these processes will not be interfered by GUI, AI, firewall and other functions or other parallel processes. The advantage is that OEMs can integrate their applications into one system to create industrial real-time edge servers or fog servers. “

Specification details

This immediately available platform for tactile Internet applications is based on Konka te’s TSN demonstration system. The system conforms to IEEE1588 precise time protocol standard, and can guarantee the real-time performance of DDS, opc-ua and other higher-level communication protocols. Kongit is based on the latest 11th generation of Intel & core ™ Processor (tigerlake) and Intel & whirlwind ™ The xc6000e series processor (Elkhart Lake) is supported by TCC protocol. In order to demonstrate the ability to send remote control instructions to distributed I / O in real time, the demonstration platform based on Intel Ethernet controller i225 can even combine the real-time control logic of kongart workload integration set to control the actuator through Ethernet, which was previously controlled in real time by local devices.

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