On January 1, Jamaican public service (JPS) announced that it had achieved 62% of its goal of replacing 105000 street lights with LED lights across the island, the Jamaican Observer reported.

JPS said that since 2019, about 65000 street lights have been replaced as LED lights, and the company plans to replace another 25000 in 2020, and the installation is expected to be completed in 2021. Compared with the traditional street lamp, the upgraded LED street lamp has higher energy efficiency and better lighting effect. At the same time, the intelligent controller provides remote control and monitoring, so the maintenance is more efficient.

JPS announced that the target of replacing 105000 sets of street lights in the whole island has been completed, 62% of which is expected to be installed by 2021

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It is reported that this plan started in 2017 and was implemented under the joint arrangement of the Jamaican government and JPS to help reduce monthly bills. The average monthly bill for municipal companies is $280 million, or $2.6 billion a year. In June 2017, JPS began to replace 105000 sets of energy intensive streetlights with LED intelligent control streetlights throughout the island.

JPS said the plan had a positive impact on public lighting and nightlife and received positive feedback from the public. The public also expressed their expectations for the renovation of street lights in the community.

According to reports, LED intelligent control system is expected to reduce the cost of street lights by 50% – 60%. The intelligent control system can measure each lamp and monitor the status and consumption of street lamp.

JPS said that more and more countries in the world have installed LED street lights throughout the city and the country. Once the intelligent LED street light project is completed, Jamaica will be among them. (compiled by: ledinsede Janice)

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