The processor with functional safety certification of Jingxin makes the development and certification of embedded vehicle safety system easier

[Hsinchu, Taiwan] – February 24, 2022 – the leading supplier of 32-bit and 64 bit high-performance and low-power risc-v processor cores and the founding chief member of risc-v International (TWSE: 6533; sin: us03420c2089; isin: us03420c1099) announced today that it has passed the ISO 26262 certification and meets the development standard of vehicle functional safety processor cores. After independent evaluation, the German Functional safety certification body sgs-t Ü V Saar GmbH confirmed that the development ability of crystal center system has reached the highest level of automotive safety integrity level (ASIL), ASIL D, including all applicable chapters of ISO 26262 standard parts 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9. According to official records, in December 2020, crystal center became the first risc-v processor IP supplier to obtain both hardware (ISO 26262-5) and software (ISO 26262-6) process certification at the same time.

ISO 26262 is a series of international standards to reduce potential functional safety risks. With the increasingly complex trend of automotive motor and electronic systems, developers increasingly need to provide evidence that products meet functional safety requirements for downstream customers in the automotive supply chain. Because ISO 26262 is a consistent and applicable standard in the global automotive motor and electronic industry, Jingxin fully demonstrates its support and investment in the safety of automotive products by passing the certification of ISO 26262.

“Jingxin technology is a first-class company certified by sgs-t Ü V Saar’s ISO 26262,” said Guo Yaowen, vice president of SGS interconnection and product business group. “The foundation of functional safety is based on product specification, design, implementation, integration, verification and confirmation. Before passing the ISO 26262 certification, Jingxin has already established a fairly complete and solid quality management system in these development processes. In addition, their experienced safety engineering professionals have invested a lot of time and efforts to build a complete system of Jingxin technology that complies with the ISO 26262 standard. These are the reasons why we were able to complete all the independent evaluations and certifications very smoothly according to the scheduled schedule. It was an extraordinary experience for both sides. “

“Jingxin technology has been deeply cultivated for 17 years, focusing on the development of powerful andescore ™ The processor series has been adopted by hundreds of customers in more than 10 billion chips, and its applications include industrial MCU, enterprise storage equipment, 5g base station and data center infrastructure. ” Su Hongmeng, general manager and chief technology officer of Jingxin technology, said. “With the rapid growth in the number and complexity of automotive electronic components, their safety, availability and stability are essential for human well-being and a sustainable environment. This trend is a great opportunity and responsibility for us, and we attach great importance to it. Crystal center chooses to work with sgs-t Ü V Saar, an industry leader, to ensure that our development process fully complies with all applicable ISO 26262 functional safety standards, not just some articles It claims to be applicable to vehicle standards. This fully demonstrates our commitment to the strict and challenging requirements of the automotive motor and electronics supply chain. “

“Sgs-t Ü V Saar’s certification service has been certified by the reputable German Accreditation Commission (dakks). We have conducted many comprehensive reviews and confirmed that Jingxin technology has internalized and followed the systematic functional safety requirements to construct its development management system. The control process can take into account the balance of full audit and implementation, and meet the specification requirements of the highest level (ASIL d) product development of ISO 26262 standard.” Wolfgang RUF, product manager of semiconductor functional safety at sgs-t Ü V Saar GmbH. “We sincerely congratulate you and welcome Jingxin to introduce its products into the automotive field after completing the evaluation and verification of risc-v CPU IP series.”

The first functional security IP of Jingxin technology has entered the final development stage. Many customers have joined the early plan to import the design and develop vehicle SOC for a variety of on-board applications. The functional security IP solution will be officially opened for external authorization in the first half of this year.

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