Develop the most advanced vehicle chip through the integrated functional security solution supported by crystal core technology and IAR systems

[Hsinchu, Taiwan and Uppsala, Sweden] – March 23, 2022 – leading supplier of 32-bit and 64 bit high-performance and low-power risc-v processor core, founding chief member of risc-v International (TWSE: 6533; sin: us03420c2089; isin: us03420c1099) and IAR systems, a global leader in embedded development software and services ® Jointly announced that leading IC manufacturers from Europe and Asia have adopted crystal core technology risc-v andescore ™ Vehicle CPU core and risc-v functional safety certification development tool of IAR systems. This integrated solution provided by crystal core technology and IAR systems has a sound design method of ISO 26262. Through this solution, users can shorten the strict certification process of vehicle products and speed up the time to market of customers.

AndesCore ™ The vehicle core is the functional safety enhanced version of n25f. N25f is one of the most popular risc-v cores in the market, and the vehicle core is to prevent systematic failure through rigorous development process and control and avoid random hardware failure through product safety mechanism, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle functional safety (Fusa).

IAR Embedded Workbench ® For RISC + + – V is a fully functional development tool chain, including the powerful IAR C / C + + compiler ™ Compiler and integrated debugger. Combine the expertise of the two companies to provide first-class performance and safety for their common customers’ on-board applications.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with IAR systems to jointly support the development of vehicle products for customers all over the world. Through andescore ™ For vehicle nuclear, we can ensure that customers can use the CPU IP and security package scheme certified by ISO 26262 in the process of product certification. ” Dr. Su Hongmeng, general manager and technical director of Jingxin technology, said: “Jingxin is honored to be the first risc-v processor IP supplier to obtain the verification of hardware (ISO 26262-5) and software (ISO 26262-6) process of German Functional safety verification agency sgs-t Ü V Saar GmbH, and has a complete development process to provide customers with ASIL D level requirements.”

“I’m glad to see that IAR systems and Jingxin technology can cooperate to assist our common customers to ensure the design of functional safety (Fusa) in their products.” Anders Holmberg, technical director of IAR systems, said, “risc-v technology continues to develop rapidly and opens up new areas for innovation. We will continue to promote industry change by providing professional development tools for ecosystems and customers.”

Crystal core technology’s first Andes core ™ The vehicle risc-v nuclear is expected to complete the certification of sgs-t Ü V Saar GmbH in the first half of 2022.

The functional safety version of IAR embedded workbench for risc-v has passed the certification of ten different standards, including ISO 26262, t Ü v s Ü D. In addition to its powerful technology, IAR systems also provides support assurance for the version sold to customers during the maintenance contract, and provides verified update services and regular reports for known errors and problems.

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