In September, the 2nd First Committee of China Automotive Basic Software Ecology Committee (AUTOSEMO) and the theme forum of “Multiple Collaboration to Build a New Automotive Software Ecology” were held in Nanjing. At the meeting, Jingwei Hengrun self-developed INTEWORK-EAS products, “D” series diagnostic toolchain products, and bus toolchains won the “2022 AUTOSEMO Innovative Product Excellent Cases” award respectively.

Jingwei Hengrun’s self-developed INTEWORK-EAS products build an embedded software business matrix around the AUTOSAR CP and AP platforms, and provide customers with (AP+CP) system-level basic software solutions. Since its release, INTEWORK-EAS products have served more than 50 domestic and foreign OEMs and more than 300 parts suppliers, with a wealth of mass production cases. Taking advantage of the trend of software-defined automobiles, INTEWORK faces the booming automobile software market with an attitude of independent research and development, openness and win-win.

Aiming at the full business scenarios of R&D, testing, production and after-sales in the automotive diagnostic business, Jingwei Hengrun has independently developed the “D” series of diagnostic tool chain products based on the ODX standard based on more than ten years of experience in diagnostic projects and industry development trends, which can cover Diagnostic data (ODX) development, diagnostic sequence (OTX) construction, flashing, testing, controller diagnostic simulation, EOL diagnostics, after-sales diagnostics, etc. Among them, DGE, DGA and DRS all include server cloud platform and terminal software. The server cloud platform can manage vehicle diagnostic data, fault codes, operation logs, etc., including maintenance of sites, workstations, and user permissions to achieve Permission security control. Users can flexibly deploy and apply different diagnostic tool products according to different functional requirements and usage scenarios.

bus toolchain

Aiming at the requirements of communication network design in the development process of electronic control unit software under the development trend of automobile intelligence, simulation requirements of vehicle bus, fast and efficient test requirements of communication bus, multi-ECU calibration measurement requirements, calibration data download under CCP/XCP and Flash programming requirements , Jingwei Hengrun has developed a bus database design tool (INTEWORK-VDE), bus monitoring analysis and simulation around the development problems such as complex coupling and complicated operation of communication network design, complex simulation programming design logic, low test efficiency, and unobservable calibration data. The in-vehicle bus tool chain of tools (INTEWORK-VBA) and ECU measurement and calibration tool (INTEWORK-VCM) has built a bus tool chain that serves the whole life cycle of R&D simulation analysis to test system verification.

Through the accumulation and precipitation of more than ten years of business experience, Jingwei Hengrun has completed a comprehensive engineering application and product practice in accordance with the organization specifications and related agreements of the automotive industry such as ASAM, ISO, and SAE. At present, Jingwei Hengrun INTEWORK tool chain has accumulated sales of more than 1,000 sets, and the number of users has exceeded 3,000. It is widely used in major vehicle manufacturers, parts companies and semiconductor manufacturers, realizing the localization of similar products.

Value innovation, serve customers. In the future, Jingwei Hengrun will closely follow the development trend of the automobile industry, adhere to independent innovation, and continue to contribute to the development of the automobile industry.

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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