The cumulative chip shipment of crystal center in 21 years exceeded 10billion

Jingxin technology, a global leader in providing 32-bit and 64 bit high-performance, low-power risc-v processor cores, today announced that the shipment of system chips using Jingxin processors in 2021 exceeded 3billion, an increase of more than 50% over the 2billion shipped in 2020, and the total cumulative shipment exceeded 10billion. Recently, the SOC of risc-v customers of Jingxin will be widely used in traditional and emerging fields, such as 5g, artificial intelligence / machine learning accelerator, Bluetooth and Wi Fi devices, cloud computing, data center, video games, global positioning system (GPS), Internet of things, high-order microcontroller (MCU), sensor fusion, touch and display driver controller Storage, voice recognition, wireless, automotive electronics, etc. The compact, modular and expandable crystal core risc-v processor will lead the next wave of rapid growth of customers’ chips.

Lin Zhiming, chairman and executive director of crystal heart, and also a director of risc-v International Association, said, “With years of accumulated key technologies, crystal center has developed high-performance, low-power, high-quality processors and their related software and hardware, which have been widely won by MediaTek, Renesas, SK Telecom, weltrand, novatek, Phison, edgeq and telink And other affirmation from the global IC design team, and achieved all win results for customers, ecosystem partners and end consumers. The annual shipment of chips using crystal core processors has grown at an astonishing rate of 50% on average from 590million chips in 2017. In just five years, it has reached 3billion chips in 2021. What is more surprising is that the SOC shipments based on crystal core risc-v processors currently account for only 1% of them, and the remaining 99% are the cumulative fermentation of the license agreement of crystal core’s own V3 architecture for many years.

Accumulation lighting driver chip has passed vehicle regulation certification

Recently, Jiji technology said today that its new generation of LED automotive lighting driver chips “mbi6659q” and “mbi6665q” have been highly praised by the market. These two new products are applicable to relevant applications of intelligent lamps, and both have obtained aec-q100 vehicle regulation certification. It is optimistic that the global smart car market will flourish in the future. The company said that with the addition of these two new products, the product line of Jiji automotive series will be more complete. In the future, it will continue to lock in the automotive front loading market and will continue to develop other new products to help each brand create the maximum value.

Compared with ordinary electronic products, automotive electronics has more stringent standards for parts and components. The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) has formulated aec-q100 vehicle specification certification for automotive chips, and its test standard is quite rigorous. At present, Jiji automotive products have passed the certification of this vehicle specification, ensuring that the reliability and stability of Jiji chips meet the specifications of the International Association of automotive electronics.

NXP promotes advanced unsecured note products

NXP semiconductors NV (NASDAQ: nxpi) (together with its subsidiaries, “NXP”) today announced that its subsidiaries NXP BV, NXP funding LLC and NXP USA, Inc. (collectively, the “issuer”) intends to commence private placement of the senior unsecured notes (the “notes”) pursuant to section 144A and regulation s of the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”).

The notes will be fully and unconditionally guaranteed by NXP semiconductors NV on a senior basis and will be structurally subordinated to the liabilities of NXP’s other subsidiaries, including trade payables. In addition, to the extent of the value of the assets securing such debt, the notes will in fact be lower than all future secured debt of the issuer and NXP semiconductors NV.

NXP intends to use a portion of the net proceeds from the issuance of the notes to redeem the senior unsecured notes (the “3.875% 2022 notes”) with a total principal amount of US $1billion, denominated in US dollars, maturing in 2022 and an interest rate of 3.875% in accordance with the terms to manage the 3.875% 2022 notes (“3.875% 2022 note redemption”), including all premiums, accrued interest, costs and expenses related to the redemption of the 3.875% 2022 notes. NXP intends to use the remaining net income for general corporate purposes, which may include capital expenditure or equity repurchase transactions.

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