Recently, the first functional safety MCU chip AC7840x of AutoChips has sent samples one after another. AC7840x is an automotive-grade MCU based on the ARM Cortex-M4F core. Its rich and complete functional safety features comply with ISO26262 functional safety ASIL-B and AEC-Q100 Grade 1. It supports AUTOSAR V4.4 adaptation and can provide MCAL.

AC7840x system block diagram AC7840x is ARM Cortex-M4F 120 MHz CPU, supports FPU, supports DSP instructions, memory up to 1MB Code Flash, dual bank, supports ECC, up to 128KB Data Flash, up to 128KB RAM.

AC7840x development board The communication interface of AC7840x demo board has 4 channels of CAN, compatible with CAN2.0B specification, and supports CAN FD; 4 channels of UART, supporting UART LIN multiplexing; SPI, UART, I2C, PWM and other interfaces, up to 128 GPIOs are supported. In addition, the AC7840x development board is also equipped with a Type-c UART printing interface, JTAG/SWD emulation port, 2 potentiometers, and RGB LEDs, etc. There are three packages: LQFP 144, LQFP 100, and LQFP 64.

AC7840x provides single/dual motor solutions, and the original factory can directly provide customers with software, hardware and algorithm support. The AC7840x motor board adopts the design of separated stacking of the control board and the driver board. The small board with the AC7840x chip on the upper layer is the control board, and the lower layer is the driver board. This motor board can not only be used for AC7840x, but also share the driver board with AC7801x.

AC7840x motor version

Motor Algorithm Support List AutoChips can provide a wealth of documentation, general development kits, driver interface function libraries, application routines, MCAL and other development materials. The mass-production programming tool can be adapted to Lijiefeng, Angke, Zhou Ligong, Junda, Xierte, PEmicro and other brands, and can also be adapted to IAR, GHS functional safety compiler. AutoChips can provide technical support through 21C forum, telephone and on-site. AC7840x can be widely used in automotive body controllers, air conditioning controllers, IVI management, virtual instrument management, T-BOX, LED lights control, battery management systems, vehicle controllers, and motor controllers and other applications. At present, samples of AC7840x have been delivered one after another, and some customers have entered the product verification stage.

Reviewing editor: Peng Jing

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