Recently, Jiangxi Province issued the announcement of “Jiangxi Provincial People’s government’s opinions on supporting the transformation and upgrading of western Jiangxi Province to promote high-quality leapfrog development”, many of which mentioned opinions on the development of lithium batteries.

Jiangxi province puts forward new requirements for the development orientation of lithium battery in Yichun and Xinyu, and will cultivate a number of innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases

Source: Jiangxi official website

In terms of the development orientation of major cities, Jiangxi province puts forward new requirements for the development orientation of lithium batteries in Yichun and Xinyu.

——Yichun city. We will actively play the role of Yichun’s regional transportation hub and integrate the development of Xinyu and Pingxiang. We will expand and strengthen the advantageous industries such as lithium battery, traditional Chinese medicine, electronic information, intelligent equipment manufacturing, health care, and circular economy, transform and upgrade traditional industries such as textiles, building materials, and food, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the industries. Accelerate the construction of (South) Changtong (drum) ecological economic belt and (spring) Wanzai economic corridor, improve the overall development level of urban and rural areas, and build the central city of Jiangxi, Hunan and Hubei, the national lithium new energy industry base, and the national health care base.

——Xinyu City. Adhere to the urban development path of “small industry and beautiful city”, promote the transformation and upgrading of iron and steel, photovoltaic industry and equipment manufacturing industry, expand and strengthen the lithium new energy industry, promote the development of intelligent equipment and other industrial clusters, build the transformation and Cooperation Demonstration Zone of six counties in Xinyi and Jilin, and build a new industrial city in the central region and a national new energy technology demonstration city.

In terms of building a competitive modern industrial system, Jiangxi proposes to vigorously develop emerging industries. We will foster and expand a number of emerging industrial clusters, such as new lithium energy, new metal materials, biomedicine, optoelectronic information, energy conservation and environmental protection, focus on resources to build Yichun lithium new energy national industrial base, Xinyu new energy science and Technology City, and build a national influential emerging industrial cluster. We will expand and strengthen the advanced manufacturing industry. Vigorously promote the transformation, upgrading and optimized development of manufacturing industry, promote the construction of Pingxiang national industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zone, improve the development level of Xinyu national new industrialization industry demonstration base, and build an advanced equipment manufacturing industry cluster with international competitiveness with Yichun as the core. Promote the intelligent development of manufacturing industry, cultivate a group of intelligent manufacturing backbone enterprises with system integration ability, intelligent equipment development ability and key parts R & D and production ability. Support Xinyu City and Xiangdong district to apply for the construction of large scale solid waste comprehensive utilization demonstration base.

In terms of enhancing the innovation driving force of transformation and upgrading, Jiangxi Province proposes to strengthen the construction of innovation capacity. Around the leading industries such as new energy and new materials, enterprises are encouraged to strengthen cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions, establish industrial technology innovation alliances and technological collaborative innovation bodies, and strengthen major technology concentration. Support Ganxi to give priority to the layout of national and provincial innovation platforms in characteristic and advantageous fields, and encourage the planning and construction of manufacturing innovation centers and technology innovation centers in lithium new energy, biomedicine, optoelectronic information and other fields. Yichun will support the construction of lithium new energy industry technology research institute, and Yichun Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Southern selenium rich research institute) will apply for the establishment of provincial selenium rich crop application innovation research and development platform. Support Xinyu to build a solid-state lithium ion battery innovation center. Enterprises are encouraged to set up scientific and technological innovation companies in Ganxi region and cultivate a number of innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases.

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