Jiangsu Huacun electronic technology released the next generation of efficient and highly integrated innovative intelligent storage architecture (AI) for cloud data center servers at the 2019 Nantong new generation information technology industry exhibition ² CompuTIng Storage SSD。 Jiangsu Huacun has senior R & D experience in memory control chips. The team has successfully mass produced streaming chips, including PCIe gen3, SATA gen3, emmc5.1, USB3.0 and other generations of chips through the era change of multiple memory chips in the past decade. After two years of continuous research and development, the team has completed the hardware infrastructure and various software and hardware IP components design of PCIe gen5 cloud server storage master chip, The successful introduction of FPGA will show the dynamic design results of chip SOC integration.

In the cloud computing era of 5g big data, through the concept of “PCIe gen5 / gen4 high-speed interface + collaborative intelligent operation + data security and controllability” of storage master chip hc9001, it helps cloud system manufacturers build a new generation of Intelligent Cloud Data Center, and allows end users to enjoy the efficient processing service of massive data brought by cloud storage in the 5g big data era, Secure data. Chen Yuming, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Huacun R & D, said: “In the new era of massive data, the high-speed, large capacity, low delay and security requirements of big data applications such as 5g, IOT, intelligent center and terminal all put forward higher and more comprehensive requirements for storage. Driven by the implementation of artificial intelligence computing system, it puts forward new requirements for the cooperative operation of intelligent storage and intelligent system.” Intelligent storage (AI) released by Jiangsu Huacun this time ² Computing storage SSD architecture can help cloud server system manufacturers in the new PCIe gen5 / gen4 high-performance storage generation, and provide customers with the system advantage of 100% enjoying efficient information transmission.

In May 2019, the pci-sig Association officially released the fifth generation gen5 specification of PCIe, which increased the interface speed by 2 times compared with the fourth generation and 4 times compared with the third generation. It is suitable for applications focusing on high-capacity and high-speed information transmission, such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and 5g. As a leader in the world’s storage semiconductor industry, Intel released the integration results of PCIe fifth generation FPGA and EVB SOC at pci-sig Asian Developer Forum on October 28 this year, which means that the server ecology will quickly enter the fifth generation specification from the third generation of PCIe by the end of 2020, and Huacun fifth generation specification chip products are expected to be introduced into mass production by the end of 2020, Basically consistent with Intel’s technology leadership and development progress, China’s high-end memory control chips will be in the leading position in the world for the first time.

The PCIe gen5 / gen4 cloud server storage control chip hc9001 released by Huacun defines (AI) ² Computing storage SSD architecture, with a completely self built new master chip architecture, integrates the speed specifications of PCIe gen5 (32gt / s) host interface and onfi4.1 (1200mt / s) flash memory interface published in 2019, integrates self-developed flash memory error correction algorithm and encryption algorithm, and matches domestic self-developed CPU core, Innovative architecture AI learning function records and learns the changes of host end use scenarios and external use environment to adjust the data protection and management mechanism in storage. In addition, hc9001 provides host side autonomous performance control (sriov, stream, open channel, dual port) and AI computing functions, so that cloud and enterprise level server customers can optimize the system’s control over storage. In order to meet the power consumption requirements of customers for the new generation of servers, hc9001 will conduct 12NM FFC streaming in TSMC 12 inch wafer factory.

Independent chip research and development to break the international monopoly

Facing the cloud server market monopolized by foreign storage manufacturers, hc9001 is advanced in the industry in terms of interface speed, read-write efficiency, flash memory error correction and other specifications. At the same time, it adds national secret algorithm and AI function to create a new benchmark for domestic intelligent storage.

End cloud AI dual configuration to create intelligent storage

Combined with the storage AI function, it optimizes the smooth and smooth information transmission of end users, assists cloud and enterprise server users to strengthen storage efficiency, makes the storage solution closer to the use needs of end users, and creates more value for customers in the era of high-speed digital economy.

Combined with encryption algorithm, build secure storage

Hc9001 integrates independent and controllable security encryption algorithms and enterprise level encryption algorithms to assist cloud and enterprise server manufacturers to provide efficient security protection for different data according to end-user use scenarios.

Jiangsu huacunshen is committed to producing high-performance, high-stability and high-capacity storage products and solutions with the vision of “independently designed and made in China; based on storage and looking at the world”, and makes unremitting efforts to provide high-quality storage products that meet the needs of the times and the public. In the “neck” technology of information security industry, we will continue to make efforts with feelings and strive to build a safe and controllable storage integrated circuit brand integrating national research, domestic and national manufacturing.

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