When it comes to solid-state drives, most people’s first reaction is a small box in four directions, that is, the most common 2.5 inch SSD. Compared with traditional mechanical hard disks, it has greatly improved in weight, volume, noise, read-write speed, power consumption and so on.

From the birth of the world’s first solid state drive in 1989 to now, SSD is still widely popular in the market, which shows its value. Throughout the development of solid-state disk in recent 20 years, its capacity and performance have been continuously improved, but there is no substantive breakthrough except the new interface type (SATA / msata / PCIe / m.2).

Jiangbolong Mini SDP (SATA disk in package) breaks through the imagination of the industry for the first time, integrates and encapsulates the main control, cache and flash memory, and its volume is only one tenth of that of traditional solid state disk (33.4mmx17.2mm x 1.23mm).

Jiangbolong Mini SDP (SATA disk in package)

Jiangbolong Mini SDP adopts the latest 3D TLC NAND flash and sata6gbps interface of the original factory, and provides 128GB / 256gb / 512gb capacity selection. The maximum sequential reading and writing is 560mb / s and 520mb / s, and the maximum random reading and writing is 90K.

Dozens of patents are included in the product, including 5 invention patents, 11 design patents and 13 utility models patents. They have applied for patents in the United States, Korea, Japan, Canada, Brazil, mainland China and Taiwan and are in an effective period.

1. Shockproof, durable and efficient data protection

The existing solid-state disk circuit module generally directly welds the circuit components on the circuit board, and then connects the connector and shell to assemble. The circuit components are directly exposed to the air and are easy to be affected by moisture and dust, which affects the performance of the components and causes the instability of the function of the solid-state disk.

Jiangbolong Mini SDP, the full Chinese name of “integrated packaging SATA solid state drive”, adopts the packaging colloid structure to pack all electronic components welded on the circuit board without gap, which has better physical protection: dustproof, shockproof, moisture resistance, efficient protection of data security, making the function of the solid state drive module more stable and the durability greatly improved.

2. High performance, smooth data transmission and low power consumption

Although jiangbolong Mini SDP is only a small piece, its playing methods are diverse. Because it is a standard SATA interface, it can be installed in all kinds of desktops and laptops with a 2.5-inch shell. It can also be changed into an external storage device using SATA to USB adapter cable. It is small but high-performance.

As can be seen from crystal diskinfo, mini SDP supports NCQ, trim and S.M.A.R.T in addition to ordinary solid state drives.

CrystalDiskInfo test data

In the crystal diskmark software, the mini SDP also performs quite well. The measured read speed is 560mb / s and the write speed is 520mb / s.

CrystalDiskMark test data

Moreover, the SOC integrated packaging also greatly reduces the power consumption of the mini SDP, with a peak power consumption of only 2W, which is at least half lower than that of the traditional solid-state disk, and has better heat dissipation performance.

3. Shorten the production cycle and reduce the production cost

When making solid-state disk in traditional way, the control integrated circuit grain and storage integrated circuit grain should be encapsulated into control chip and storage chip, and then welded on the circuit board together with all components. The production cycle is long and the cost is correspondingly high.

Jiangbolong Mini SDP adopts SOC integrated packaging and internally integrates NAND flash chip, main control chip, power chip, reset chip, crystal oscillator clock chip and other components, which greatly simplifies the manufacturing process of solid-state disk. And an opening with the same structural size as the standard SATA storage interface is set, so that the SSD enclosure can be directly installed from the opening to form the standard SATA storage interface during assembly, and the assembly process is simplified. In this way, the finished product production time of mini SDP is 14 days shorter than that of traditional SSD, so as to help customers deliver goods quickly and greatly reduce production costs.

4. Simple and fast installation to improve the processing yield

The circuit module of traditional solid-state disk needs to be assembled in the factory due to certain technical requirements, so the production is not flexible enough; However, if the assembly is completed manually at the sales counter, the assembly quality cannot be controlled, resulting in the reduction of production yield.

Thanks to the integrated packaging mode, only jiangbolong Mini SDP needs to be put into the card slot and fixed in the 2.5 inch solid state disk shell, which can be assembled with one key, and non professionals can operate by themselves. This operation process makes the assembly speed of mini SDP far exceed that of ordinary solid-state drives, easily realize the finished product of officeis factory, turn the office into an assembly plant in seconds, and effectively ensure the yield and kill two birds with one stone.

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